How To Fix Error 97: SMS Origination Denied on Android

There is an error that happens to some users while sending SMS: the error 97: SMS origination denied on Android. Here’s how to fix it.

try another sms app

Android provides you the SMS method to send messages between phones connected to your SIM card. But it still leaves some people issues, like the error 97: SMS origination denied on Android. Here’s how to fix it.

The error 97: SMS origination denied message isn’t that common. It can be caused by the SMS app, your phone, or your carrier. This can happen on any phone, from Moto G6 to Pixel 2; or any carrier, from Verizon to AT&T.

Regardless of the cause, what your phone or carrier is, there is always a way to fix it, and continue sending messages through SMS.

What is the error 97: SMS origination denied?

This error code that happens on Android has no certain cause. But based on experiences that other users have is that this mostly is caused by the SMS app.

It doesn’t really matter which SMS app you use. You might use the Messages (Google’s), your phone’s SMS app, or a third-party SMS app like Truecaller. The solutions are just the same.

How to fix error 97 SMS origination denied on Android

Restart your Android phone

how to fix error 97 sms origination denied on android

This is just the easiest suggestion to do, and it doesn’t cost you a thing. Simply restart your Android phone. Once it is turned on again, open the SMS app that you use, and try sending SMS again.

If error 97 still happens, try another suggestion.

Force stop or disable the SMS app

Now that we know your Android device isn’t the problem, you can try doing suggestions for the SMS app. Your SMS app might have some unexplainable issues that prevent your SMS messages from being sent.

To do this, simply open the Settings app. Select Apps. Search for the SMS that you use.

settings app on android

Select Force stop or Disable. Then open the SMS app again and try sending messages.

clear data on message app

Clear the SMS message app cache (and/or data)

This suggestion to solve error 97 costs you your messaging data. But you can choose to only remove the cache. Doing this is easy. Simply go to the Settings app > Apps > the SMS app you use.

Select Clear data. Select Clear cache, or/and Clear all data.

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Enable storage access for the SMS app

This suggestion solves the error 97 problems for some people. Storage access is important for the SMS app to work to write and read data that are saved locally.

To do this, open the Settings app > Apps > the SMS app you use. Select App permissions. Set the toggle on at Storage.

messaging storage access

Try another SMS app

try another sms app

If none of the above suggestions solve your error 97 problem, try another SMS app that might be more reliable, like Truecaller. If that doesn’t work, try another one and so on.

Contact the carrier support

This is probably the final suggestion where nothing works. The error 97: SMS origination denied might be caused by your carrier. Contact the support and look forward to their suggestions to solve the problem, so you can send SMS messages again.

Using the SMS method to send and receive messages is sometimes important. Hopefully, the above suggestions can solve error 97: SMS origination denied, and you can send SMS again.

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