How To Extract Original Images From Word or Google Docs Documents

If you receive a document with many images on it, here’s how to extract original images from Word or Google Docs documents to save more time.

extracting html zip file

So, you received a document. But the document contains images you have to upload or use for other purposes, and they have to be original. Manually saving images might reduce the quality. Here’s how to extract original images from Word or Google Docs.

Microsoft Word and Google Docs don’t really provide a way for you to download or extract original images from the document you are working on. They only provide a way to save the image as something else, which the quality is most likely reduced.

Doing that will be tiring, especially when you receive a document with hundreds of pictures on it. The only way to extract or download images from Word or Google Docs documents is by converting the document into a web page.

How to extract original pictures out of Word or Google Docs documents


To save the document as a web page, simply open the document on the Word app and select File.

extract images from word and google docs

Select Save as then select which format to save as, which is a web page or HTML document.

save word document to another format

Once you select an HTML document or a web page as the file type, select Save.

selecting html

Once you save it, you will instantly see the zipped HTML file along with all the original images the document contains. Simply extract the ZIP file. Now you can use the original images for different purposes.

saved word document

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Google Docs

On Google Docs, you can download the web page version of your document by clicking the File tab. Select Download > Web Page (.html, zipped).

convert google docs into html

Open the downloaded ZIP file. Extract the files to retrieve the images.

extracting html zip file

Select the folder destination where you want to save the extracted ZIP files and the original images you have extracted from the document.

extract files

Google Docs on Android/iPhone

Google Docs on Android/iPhone also provides a way for you to download the web page version of a document. This allows you to instantly retrieve the original images the document contains on a phone.

Open the Google Docs app. Open the document. Select the three-dots button at the top-right corner of your phone screen. Select Share & export.

download images from google docs document on android or iphone

Select Save as. Choose the web page format.

saving the document

Google Docs is going to convert the document into a zipped file, and you will see a Google Drive download page that shows the zipped file ready to download.

Now, simply download that ZIP file, and you’ll get the original images of the Google Docs document you want.

download the saved document

Google Docs and Microsoft Word don’t really have a feature that allows users to extract original images out of a document. Converting the document into a web page is the only way, and you can do it on a PC or phone.

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