How to View, Disable, & Delete Facebook Location History

facebook location history

Facebook has the location history feature, and you might want to look for it and change your privacy settings. Here’s how to view, disable, and delete Facebook location history.

If you unknowingly turned on the Facebook location history, Facebook is going to gather all information about your location from the GPS. Someone else nearby with the same feature turned on is able to add you as a friend.

Facebook location history also allows you to find nearby wifi hotspots when you don’t want your mobile internet data. This can be useful, but at the same time, you might find it creepy, especially when your profile is exposed to someone nearby.

How to view Facebook location history (Android/iPhone)

Facebook location history can be viewed on any device, including your Android or iPhone using the Facebook mobile app.

Open the Facebook mobile app. Tap the hamburger button. Scroll down, and select Settings under “Settings & Privacy”.

facebook location history

Here, tap Location under Privacy. This is where you can change any option related to your privacy.

privacy menu on facebook

Tap Location history.

how to see your facebook location history

If you only want to view your Facebook location history, simply tap View your location history. You may need to enable Location history to see all places you’ve visited that are collected by Facebook (and you can turn off it again later).

turn on or off facebook location history

You might need to enter your password again.

entering facebook password

Here, you are going to see all locations you’ve visited. You can tap the left or right arrow button to switch between dates.

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remove facebook location history

How to delete Facebook location history (Android/iPhone)

To delete, simply open the location history through the steps before. Tap the three dots button up there to see more options. Tap Delete this day or Delete all location history. You can also delete Google Maps location history.

Here, when “Delete all location history” shows up, tap OK to confirm.

delete facebook location history

How to turn off Facebook location history (Android/iPhone)

Facebook location history can be turned on and off easily. To do that, simply go to the Facebook location history through the steps before.

Here, set the toggle on/off at Location history to turn on or off Facebook location history.

turn on or off facebook location history

How to see your Facebook location history (web)

If you don’t have access to your mobile phone, you can also manage your Facebook location history on the web. Simply open, and sign in to your account.

Click the arrow button near the profile picture. Click Settings & privacy.

settings and privacy

Here, click Settings.


The settings page will then open. Click Location. Here, you can click View location history to directly see your location history. You may have to enable location history first.

location settings

Enter the password again. Tap Continue.

enter facebook password

How to enable/disable Facebook location history (web) lets you enable or disable Facebook location history. It’s the way to manage your privacy. Go to the Settings & privacy > Settings > Location. Click Edit.facebook history

Here, simply choose between On or Off.

no location history facebook

You can see your Facebook location history on the web. You can also see those locations on the map to get a clearer picture of where you have been.

facebook location history

Keep in mind that once you delete your Facebook location history, you can’t recover it. So, make sure you really need to or have to remove your location history.

Facebook tracks your location if you have the location history feature enabled. You can turn it off, view it, or delete the location history to protect your privacy.

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