Fix: Fall Guys Stuck on “Looking for More Players”

If you have been trying to play Fall Guys, you may see this message getting stuck in the screen: “Looking for players” or “Looking for more players”.

fall guys looking for players

If you have been trying to play the new funny battle royal game Fall Guys, you may see this message getting stuck in the screen for so long: “Looking for players” or “Looking for more players”.

This problem is experienced by many players who are trying to play and join the battle royal with other 59 players, but somehow get stuck and doesn’t show any error message about the problem.

Fall Guys “Looking for players” or “Looking for more players” possible causes

While you have no idea what causes it to get stuck for long like this, there are some possible causes that we can define.

Bad and slow internet connection

If you have a relatively slow internet connection (download and upload), you may experience this problem. Getting stuck like this is mostly caused by your internet connection, with the addition of the server overload because there are too many players in it (and other possible causes mention here), thus leaving players with the slowest connection stuck on “Looking for players” message.

Server overload

Fall Guys is still a new game but has been played by many users worldwide because it’s fun and brings back our memories with Takeshi’s Castle. A week after it is released, the game has been downloaded by over 10 million people. That’s a lot of users both on Steam and PS4.

Therefore, if you experience this, you may have to be patient and do our suggestion that may fix the problem. It’s not so much, but at least they’re honest advice (I also play the game with a slow connection which is around 5MBps).

How to fix Fall Guys get stuck on “Looking for players”

There are some methods I use to fix this problem. However, they’re guaranteed to solve the problem since connection issue depends on many things, including the server of the game itself and your internet connection stability which is in the hand of your ISP.

Quit to menu and then join the battle again

If you have been trying to join the battle for like 5 minutes, you most likely get stuck, if you wait for longer enough. After around 5 minutes but still get stuck on the message, you can press ESC on your keyboard to cancel joining the battle.

how to fix fall guys looking for more players stuck

Then, press Space or click OK to quit to the menu.

fall guys quit to menu

Now press Space again to join the battle, which hopefully you will eventually join in.

Turn off metered connection if you use Windows 10

If you play using Steam on Windows 10, make sure your Wi-Fi connection isn’t restricted. To disable the metered connection, right-click the connection bar on the Taskbar. Choose Open Network & Internet settings.

open network & internet settings

Click which connection you’re connected to.


Now, set off the “Set as metered connection”.

metered connection

Restart the Fall Guys game

If you can’t still joining the battle, simply quit from the game and run it again. To quit, click the Settings icon then choose Exit.

quit from fall guys

Hopefully, these methods can solve the problem, and you no longer see “Looking for players” or “Looking for more players” message while joining the battle and get stuck on it. If you keep experiencing the problem, tell us through the comments below.

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