Fix: Craiyon/DALLE Mini “Too Much Traffic, Please Try Again” on Hugging Face

Hugging Face, specifically the DALLE mini app, shows the “too much traffic, please try again” message. Here’s how to fix it so DALLE mini can generate the images.

hugging face too much traffic, please try again

If you’ve seen the error message “too much traffic, please try again” while using the Hugging Face, specifically, the Craiyon (previously known as DALLE mini), don’t worry – you’re not alone. This error seems to be affecting many users, and this post will help you fix it.

What does “too much traffic, please try again” mean in Hugging Face?

The error message “too much traffic, please try again” means that the DALLE mini on Hugging Face is currently being visited by too many visitors, which results in the failure of the app to be used by another user.

Why DALLE mini has too much traffic?

DALLE mini gains a lot of traffic in the past few days due to it being viral on social media where users can generate a few images from a prompt the user gives. It is a simpler version of OpenAI’s DALLE that can be accessed and used for free, unlike the original which access is currently limited.

How do I fix the too much traffic error message?

Unfortunately, there’s no other way to fix the error message than to ignore the error message and to click the Run button again and again until the DALLE mini proceeds to generate the images based on your prompt.

run button for dalle mini

When DALLE mini proceeds to generate the images, you’ll not see the error message. Instead, you’ll see the loading animation icon in the center. Then, wait for a few minutes until the generated images are shown.

DALLE mini, the currently popular app might be visited by too many users at the same time, which causes it to say the too much traffic error message. The message will keep showing, but simply ignore it, and click the Run button again, until it starts to generate images.

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