How To Fix Spotify No Sound on Windows PC

Some users reported that Spotify has no sound on Windows 11 or previous Windows versions. Here’s how to fix it so you can enjoy listening on your PC.

how to fix spotify no sound on windows pc

Spotify provides millions of great songs on the platform for you to stream, which include podcasts. But some users reported that Spotify has no sound on Windows PC, which can be frustrating especially when you don’t know why it happens.

There can be causes as to why Spotify has no audio on your PC. It can be your speaker, headphone, internet connection, misconfiguration of your Windows settings, and a few more. Or, your Spotify account itself.

It’s slightly different than some people’s issue that Spotify doesn’t play anything, rather than playing but no sound. Regardless, there are ways you can do to ensure everything is fine on your PC so you can listen to Spotify again.

How to fix Spotify has no sound (Windows 11)

This post talks about fixing Spotify that has no audio on Windows 11. You can apply similar methods on Windows 10 or even previous Windows versions, but with a slightly different user interface.

Update your audio driver (and Windows)

If your Windows version is outdated, including your audio driver, you might encounter some problems using your PC. Windows Update can provide regular driver updates and that’s the safest way you can update your audio driver.

Open the Settings app. Go to Windows Update. Download and install every update available there.

windows 11 windows update

Updating your audio driver can help when you have a brand-specific issue that might be unique. For example, some laptops like Lenovo have Dolby to provide better sound, and you might encounter some issues as the technology is still new, and it might provide different specific features as well as its problems on Windows 11.

Ensure you’re playing Spotify on the right device/browser

Spotify doesn’t really allow you to play on multiple devices simultaneously, which is why it gives users an option that allows them to select which device they would like to play a song or podcast on. If Spotify has no audio, you might’ve set the wrong device.

To ensure you’re playing on the right device, open Spotify. Play something. On the right side, click the button located right at the left side of the volume slider. To ensure, simply select different devices available there. If you play only on one device, you’ll see this instead:

spotify device play

Running Windows 11 troubleshooter for audio

Windows 11 and its previous versions like Windows 10 have the troubleshooter feature that you can apply to fix many issues on your PC. It can be helpful as it knows the actual problem and provides you with easy steps on how to fix it in a few clicks, including the Spotify has no audio issue.

Open the search feature. Type troubleshoot. Click Troubleshoot settings.

troubleshoot settings

Here, you’ll instantly see the Settings app directed to System > Troubleshoot. Scroll down a little, and click Other troubleshooters.

system troubleshoot

You’ll see options to troubleshoot different kinds of issues you might experience on Windows 11, including the audio. Select Run at the right side of the Playing audio option.

other troubleshooters playing audio windows 11

Now, the troubleshooting dialog has opened. Simply follow the instruction it provides you to fix the Spotify has no audio issue. If you experience that problem while playing Spotify with a speaker, select your speaker. If it’s your headphone, select your headphone.

which of these devices do you want to troubleshoot windows 11

Ensure the Spotify app’s volume is set at the right level (volume mixer)

Windows 11 and its previous versions like Windows 10 have the volume mixer feature, which lets you configure how loud a particular app is so you can play sound from those apps simultaneously without one app playing too loud or too low. Sometimes, one app is misconfigured accidentally, like Spotify.

To ensure that Spotify plays at the right volume, both with your speaker and headphone, search sound settings on the Start menu. Select the settings.

sound settings

Here, select Volume mixer. You might have to scroll down a little to see that option.

volume mixer windows 11

Open the Spotify app and play something. You’ll see Spotify on the Apps list. Set the volume toggle for the right volume, or, set it to 100% (the default volume mixer setting).

spotify volume mixer windows 11

Ensure Spotify isn’t blocked by the Windows Defender Firewall

Windows has a firewall, and that might have blocked some apps installed on your PC unknowingly, which can lead to the audio playing problem.

After you install Spotify, ensure that you allow it to communicate on your network by checking the networks when the Windows Security Alert dialog pops up. Select Allow access.

allow access spotify on windows 11

If you have already installed Spotify, you can make an exception for that by going to the Windows Firewall Settings.

Try disabling the audio enhancement

Windows has the audio enhancement feature that might affect the music or podcast you play on Spotify, or worse, cause an error. If you enabled this, it’s probably the reason why Spotify has no sound on your PC.

To ensure this is disabled, go to System > Sound > Properties. Scroll down, and set the toggle off on Enhance audio. You can do this both for your speaker and headphone.

system sound properties

Ensure your speaker or headphone is allowed to play audio

Sometimes a user can accidentally make the wrong configuration, in this case, the audio. It can also happen when an app takes over the setting unknowingly. Regardless, there’s a way to make sure your sound setting is well set.

Go to System > Sound > Properties. Scroll down, and ensure you select either Use as default for audio or communications.

system sound properties

This audio setting is usually automatically configured if you regularly switch between headphones and speakers, even if you use the one with Bluetooth. If you experience the error (for example music doesn’t play when you use speaker) every time you switch between them, try updating your Windows drivers.

Spotify that has no sound can be annoying. The above methods should fix the problem and you should now be able to enjoy music or podcast on Spotify on your PC. No more playing Spotify from a phone.

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