How to Freeze Rows in Google Sheets (or Columns)

Freezing rows make it easy for you to navigate through the spreadsheet. Here's how to freeze rows in Google Sheets (or columns) on PC and the mobile app.

How to Freeze Rows in Google Sheets (or Columns)

Managing and reading your spreadsheets with a lot of rows and columns is just difficult.You would have to scroll up and down, or right and left every time you want to see the top rows/columns.Here's how to freeze rows in Google Sheets so you can keep seeing those rows/columns despite how far you scroll. Working with a large spreadsheet is tough, and tougher if you don't freeze the panel (columns and/or rows).

In Google Sheets, it's easy to make the rows/columns sticky through scrolling.You can freeze multiple rows or/and columns simultaneously as well. You can do this in different ways using Google Sheets in your PC browser and mobile app on Android and iPhone.Unfreezing can also be done on both platforms as well.

How to freeze rows in Google Sheets web

There are two ways of freezing/unfreezing rows/columns.

You can do by using a mouse (drag and drop) or using the menu features located below the title.

Using mouse

Freezing rows using a mouse

Choose which rows you want to freeze.Yes, you can freeze multiple rows as well, so those rows can still show through scrolling down.If you freeze columns, those columns will keep showing through scrolling right. Simply place the mouse cursor below the gray area between A and 1, or below the fx (function) icon (the horizontal line), until it changes to a hand icon like this. freeze rows by dragging using mouse Click and drag the horizontal line to the bottom until it reaches below the first row you want to freeze, or the first multiple rows you want to freeze. the first row is frozen The top rows are now frozen.

You can now scroll through the bottom and the first rows will keep showing.

Freezing columns

You can do the same if you want to freeze columns as well.The only difference is that you drag the vertical line instead. To freeze column or multiple columns using the mouse in Google Sheets, simply click the vertical line between A column name and the empty area below the function icon.Drag until it reaches the columns you want to freeze. how to freeze column The columns are now frozen.

When you scroll to right, the rows inside those rows will keep showing. freeze column in google sheets

Freezing rows and columns at the same time

You can also freeze rows and columns at the same time.Simply do the above steps one after another, either freezing the columns first or the rows first.

Unfreezing rows

Now you want to stop those top rows and columns keep showing through scrolling.You can unfreeze them by dragging the horizontal line to the top until it reaches the empty gray area below the function icon. freeze rows and columns at the same time

Unfreezing columns

To unfreeze columns, simply drag the vertical line back to the left until it reaches the empty gray area below the function icon again. column and row are frozen This is what it looks like when the columns are unfrozen. unfreeze the top rows

Using menu

Using the menu can be a lot easier if you find it difficult to drag and drop.

You can freeze multiple rows/columns, and unfreeze them easily as well.This can be handy when you want to freeze too many rows you can drag and drop to.

Freeze columns/rows using the menu in Google Sheets

Simply click the View menu, then choose Freeze.Choose 1 row to freeze the first row only, or 2 rows to freeze the first two rows. freeze rows using the google sheets menu If you want to freeze multiple rows more than two in Google Sheets, for example, 4 rows, simply select the last row of those first multiple rows you want to freeze, do the above methods, but select Up to current row (number of the last top rows you've selected) instead. To freeze columns, you can do the same by going to View > Freeze > (number of columns) or Up to current column (column letter). how to freeze column using google sheets menu Yes, you can freeze rows and columns at the same time as well. how to freeze row more than one

How to unfreeze rows/columns using the menu

Unfreezing is also simple.

Just head to View > Freeze > No rows.To unfreeze columns, just choose No columns instead. how to unfreeze rows in google sheets using menu

How to freeze rows or/and columns in Google Sheets app on Android and iPhone

Google Sheets in Android and iPhone is easy to use, and freezing rows can also be done without hassle.You can do what you can do on freezing rows on mobile as easy as in the PC browser. Now, open the Google Sheets app, log in to your Google account, and open the spreadsheet you want to freeze the first rows/columns in.

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Freezing rows

Freezing rows is easy on the mobile app of Google Sheets.

Select the row number you want to freeze, then tap-long or slightly tap again until the context menu shows. select row Tap the three dots vertical button to show more options if you don't see the "Freeze" option. row is selected Tap Freeze to freeze that row. freeze rows in google sheets app Now the first row is frozen, and you can scroll through and keep seeing the first row. scrolling through the spreadsheet with frozen top row

Freezing columns

Freezing columns can be done with the same method.The only difference is that you choose the column letter instead of the row number. how to freeze column Tap the three dots vertical button. column is selected Tap Freeze to freeze the column. freeze column Now you can scroll to the right and keep seeing the first column.You can do this for multiple rows/columns as well, or do that simultaneously.

Unfreeze rows/columns

To unfreeze rows or columns, simply select the row number or column letter and tap-long or slightly tap again.

Choose the three dots vertical button, and finally select Unfreeze to unfreeze them. unfreeze column or row in google sheets app in android or iphone

Freezing rows/columns makes it easy for you to navigate, read, or edit your spreadsheet both on the Google Sheets website or the mobile app on Android/iPhone.You can also unfreeze them at any time easily.
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