6 Best Game Booster Apps for Android To Improve Gaming Performance

If you think your Android becomes slower when playing specific games, you can try one of these best game booster apps that are free to download.

6 Best Game Booster Apps for Android To Improve Gaming Performance

Android phones allow you to enjoy great games, but sometimes your phone's performance becomes too low over time and you experience lags and errors when playing games.One of the solutions to that is to use a game booster app.

What is a game booster?

A game booster is an app that maximizes your phone performance for the purpose of playing games, from idle games to the most graphic demanding games.A game booster usually applies only for a particular game you can specify on your own for more personal performance settings.

What are games whose performance I can improve with a game booster?

There are many Android games whose performance can be improved with a game booster.

PUBG and Free Fire are two popular games that can see significant FPS improvements with a game booster.Other games that can see a performance boost are Asphalt 8, Modern Combat 5, and NOVA 3. The compatibility can vary between game booster apps.Some game boosters might not be able to improve some games' performance.

Is it safe to use a game booster on Android?

Yes, it is absolutely safe to use game boosters on Android.

In fact, using a game booster can actually help improve your game performance by decluttering your phone's memory and making sure that your CPU is being used efficiently. There are a few things to keep in mind when using a game booster, however.First, only boost games that you are actually playing.Boosting too many games at once can actually lead to worse performance.

Second, remember to exit the booster when you're done playing.Otherwise, your phone will continue to run in booster mode and will consume more battery power.

Best game booster apps for Android

Game Booster: Lag FIX & GFX by scoreboot

game booster game list This game booster app has a nice-looking interface, FPS monitor during playing the game, anti-ping mode to connect to the faster DNS which improves gaming connection, shows crosshair on games that don't, and clean your RAM. This app has a 4.3-star rating, over 60K reviews, and over one million downloads, and you will see ads on the app.

Download Game Booster: Lag Fix & GFX on Google Play

Game Booster: Game Launcher by BGNmobi

best game booster for android A game booster app that manages unnecessary services or apps that are running in the background, shows the FPS of your Android phone, automatically detects all your games on your phone, and shows your Android phone's temperature. This game booster app has been downloaded over ten million downloads with a 4.5-star rating and has been reviewed by over five million people.The unique thing about this app is it can show crosshair on an Android FPS game that doesn't show one.

Download Game Booster: Game Launcher on Google Play

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Game Booster - One Tap Advanced Speed Booster by Photo Tools Lab, Inc.

android game booster This game booster app doesn't add games automatically, but it's a decent app when you can enjoy different modes for using the game booster app: Long Play, Power Play, and Offline Play.

Enjoy even a simple game like Zuma. It also offers advanced GFX settings like changing the game resolution, HDR game graphics for lower-end phones, enabling extreme FPS, and changing rendering quality, allowing you to enjoy a customized gaming experience. This game booster app has a 4.2-star rating and has been downloaded by over five million.It's free but it shows ads.

Download Game Booster - One Tap Advanced Speed Booster on Google Play

Game Booster 4x Faster by G19 Mobile

optimized android games This game booster app allows you to boost your Android phone's performance with just one tap.It offers an automatic game mode, HDR feature for lower-end devices, pushing the phone to its maximum performance, changing the resolution of a game, quick way to change the graphic quality of a game. This app has been downloaded by over ten million people and has a 4.4-star rating, free but contains ads.

Download Game Booster 4x Faster on Google Play

Game Booster Fire GFX - Lag Fix by TOLAN

improve android gaming performance This game booster makes it easy for you to check for network lag problems with its network listener feature, as well as push the game resolution to 2560, check for your phone's health, and solve performance-related problems. The app offers more features despite being free, which allows you to enable HDR in lower-end phones, reduce CPU loads, use AI to increase your gaming performance, display battery temperature, and more.
Game Booster Fire GFX- Lag Fix on Google Play

Gaming Mode - Game Booster Pro by ZipoApps

improve gaming resolution This game booster app has some nice features: disable incoming call notification or popup, stop all apps that are running in the background, prevent notifications from showing, turn off the automatic brightness of your phone, and automatically detects apps and games. With a 4.3-star rating, more than 100K reviews, and five million reviews, you wouldn't doubt this app's quality when it comes to boosting your phone's performance for playing games.

Download Gaming Mode - Game Booster PRO on Google Play

A gaming booster app can really improve your Android phone's performance, which is nice to play the most graphic demanding games that your Android phone can handle conveniently.
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