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10 Free & Best Games Like Archero You Can Play & Download Now on Android!

best games like archero

Archero (which is developed by Habby) is an archery game with the concept of RPG game. This isn’t idle game, but an active one that require you to shoot enemies stages by stages until you get to the boss fight. The simplicity of this game make some people wonder, “is there any other games like Archero?”

There is a lot of games similar to Archero. Archero itself is just a shooting game with arrow as the weapon, but it has inspired other developers to make the same kind of game. While the concept is similar, you might be bored with the same game over and over again and want something a little different.

Yes, you can also gain new skills and upgrade your characters so you can fight stronger enemies. Archery is really popular game that has been downloaded by many of its users on Android. If you want other alternatives, you can find some on Play Store, and we have made the list of those so you don’t have to find them yourself.

Archery Hero: The Next Generation

archero alternative

Archery Hero: The Next Generation is an RPG game that has general concept similar to Archero. You shoot enemy using bow and arrow while getting through each stage. You save the fellowmen who are in prisoner and fight against the monsters.

You can choose your own character of Archery Hero, Knight Hero, The Witch, and The Magician. The game itself has a lot of features you can use to make the game more enjoyable. It has some in-app purchases you can buy to play with better character and weapon.

Download Archery Hero: The Next Generation on Play Store

Arcade Hunter: Sword, Gun, and Magic

archero games that have nice boss fight

This game has been downloaded over hundred thousands times, and has 4.6 star-rating. The game also looks like Archero which require you to shoot between level. According to some reviewers, this game is less laggy and more chill than Archero.

In the game, you join with a lot of Arcade Hunter players across the globe and fight against monsters or demons with powerful weapons. You can also upgrade your skills and weapons by looting for gold and other equipment. You’ll also have a boss fight.

All you use to fight is just combination of sword, gun, and magic. The game is very addictive and fun, with nice map, non-boring boss fight, weird weapons, and gain new characters.

Download Arcade Hunter: Sword, Gun, and Magic on Play Store

Archer’s Adventure: Archer of Legend

archero game with best graphic

This game which similar to Archero has been downloaded over 500 thousands times. It has 4.2 star-rating and has really nice graphic.

You will play as an archer fighting against evil forces level by level, until you get to the boss fight. You will play endlessly, and every time you successfully go the next level, everything will become much harder.

You can also upgrade your character and items. The best thing about this game is that the rules are simple, and you just need to fight against the evil chapter by chapter, endlessly. That’s it.

Download Archer’s Adventure: Archer of Legend on Play Store

Death Rush

death run game for android

This game a little different than Archero, but still with similar gameplay and concept like Archero. All you have to do in this game is just shoot zombies and monsters instead of human-like enemies.

To fight, you only need one finger to move and fire. You will reach the ultimate boss fight, which is the stage where you fight the harder monster before getting to the next stage. Upgrading skills and choosing heroes can be done here, too.

This game has been downloaded over 10 thousands times on Play Store, with 4.5 star-rating.

Download Death Rush on Play Store

Tales Rush!

games similar to archero

This game has been downloaded over a million times on Play Store, with 4.1 star-rating. Tales Rush also one of the best mobile game that is similar to Archero with its exact game concept.

The game itself has fairy tale storyline which is unique and different than most similar games. You will have Alice and Ninja Alibaba as your heroes to fight against the evil and win the game.

You will get a lot of gifts, random skills every stages, and get through some quests to guide your journey.

Download Tales Rush on Play Store

Hunter: Master of Arrows

hunter master of arrows play store

Hunter: Master of Arrows is an action-adventure game that consist of hunter fighting against the evil. The game is all about character development. First, you start as a rookie archer with few skills, until you get better and better.

The game has skeletons, goblins, cyclops, and ogres as our enemies, and you have to kill them all with your bow and arrow. The weapons, characters, skills, and other stuff can be upgraded pretty simply to survive. You fight alone, but you can defeat them all after all improvement of skill you receive level by level.

This game has been downloaded over a million times, and has 4.0 star-rating.

3D game like archero

Download Hunter: Master of Arrows on Play Store

Butchero: Epic Action Adventure RPG Roguelike

rpg games

This is game similar to Archero with the same concept. It has been downloaded over 500 thousands times and has 4.1 star-rating. The gameplay is just the same: defeat enemy level by level.

But this one isn’t boring. You will get to fight stronger enemies every time you reach the next level. The RPG game has Butchero which the character you will play or to choose Liv as stunning warrior princess with quick attacks.

You can also upgrade character, collect weapon, use sword instead of bow and arrow, use special spirit to boost your skill in battle, and more.

Download Butchero: Epic Action Adventure RPG Roguelike on Play Store

Shooting League: Bounty Hunter

mobile rpg games

Shooting League is just another Archero-like game. It has 4.3 star-rating and has been downloaded over 50 thousands times on Play Store.

It has Roguelike gameplay that is addicting with portrait mode. The map is tricky and not boring. All you have to do just to fight carefully and get through the next level to fight stronger enemies.

You can combine skills like shots, poison, shadow clone, walking on water, and more. You will encounter many NPC and quests, and you can loot skills to keep surviving.

Download Shooting League on Play Store

Hit and Run – Archer’s Adventure Tales

other game similar to archero

This game has really nice graphic. It has been downloaded over 50 thousands times and has 4.1 star-rating. It has Archero game-like mode, and isn’t boring.

Hit and Run is an RPG game that consist of you to fight enemies or monsters level after level. You can gain new skills when upgrading to help you become stronger hero. This game is really simple and casual, and only require one hand to play it.

You can combine hundreds of skills and fight the boss enemy once you reach it.

Download Hit and Run on Play Store

Tiny Archers

tiny archers

Tiny Archers has Archero concept, but you play the game with different perspective. Instead of fighting with the camera on top of you, you fight with perspective that’s positioned beside you.

archery game with different camera and perspective

The game has been downloaded over 10 millions times and has 4.3 star-rating on Play Store. That’s a lot of users.

You can play this fantasy game with full of characters, fight multiple enemies, and use your own skills to survive in the battle. You can follow the game’s storyline and challenge yourself in 4 different stories with a lot of tower defenses.

 Download Tiny Archers on Play Store

Action-packed RPG games are fun, but there’s another genre that people want to play: Archero-like games. Archero has made difference in the game industry that their concept become a whole new genre for other developers to make. There is a lot of games like Archero with great graphic and reviews on Play Store, which you can play on your Android mobile phone.

If you don’t like these games, you can try games that are similar to AFK Arena.

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