21 Best Android Games Under 10MB

If you're getting bored with old games but having limited internet data, you can download these best games under 10MB for Android. Yes, they're all free.

21 Best Android Games Under 10MB

Getting bored but having limited internet data? Why not try one of the best Android games under 10MB? These games are simple, easy to play, but still fun.Most of all, it doesn't cost you too much internet connection to download them. You see, searching for games on your own isn't easy on the Play Store.It costs too many times to search for them manually since the Play Store doesn't filter games based on file size.

While you can see its game size before installing, games under 10MB are rarer since most of them are built for the old Android version. Now, you don't need to search for them anymore.You can use this list as your reference, and yes, they're all free and under 10MB. These aren't highly compressed Android games under 10MB.But, these games are fun to play for your quick free time, and they're as enjoyable as idle games on Android.

These games are so lightweight they don't need a game booster app.

Poly Path

poly path Poly Path is a game where you just tap to turn these balls in the right direction.When you reach the next level, it will be harder to tap since there will be more balls that move faster than they did on the previous level. This game is really fun to play, has 8MB in size, and has been downloaded by 10 thousand people on Play Store. poly path android
Download Poly Path on Play Store

Modern Sniper

modern sniper Modern Sniper is a fun sniper game but with 10MB size.One of the most popular sniper game with the lowest file size, and it has been downloaded by 50 million Android users. But, don't expect too much from this game.

It's not your typical FPS game where you can walk freely.You can only shoot enemies in better graphics than most 10MB games out there on Play Store.I'm not sure whether this game is highly compressed or not since it has limited features anyway -- however, the game is still enjoyable. modern sniper android

Download Modern Sniper on Play Store

Die in 100 Ways

die in 100 ways This game is also under 10MB but has a quality almost like higher-file-sized games like Dumb Ways to Die.

It's only 9.1MB and has been downloaded by over 10 million Android users. The game is pretty simple to play.All you need is just to follow each instruction the right way, and you can reach next level by making the character die in ridiculous ways. die in 100 ways android

Download 100 Ways on Die on Play Store

Racing Moto

racing moto android This racing game is under 10MB and has a quality almost like NES or Gameboy games.But, you can play it with your modern smartphone's built-in gyroscope to tilt and tap to accelerate. racing moto gameplay

Download Racing Moto on Play Store


singularity play store Singularity is just another game that requires you to tap to make the ball move in the opposite direction, while it moves downward automatically.

It's a challenging game that isn't boring.It has been used by over 10K people on Play Store.

Download Singularity on Play Store

Cricket Black

cricket black Cricket Black is one of the most popular games under 10MB, which has been downloaded by over a million users.It has 2.6MB, but that doesn't mean the game sucks.

It's good.The cricket game requires you just to tap to play it.

Download Cricket Black on Play Store

Chain Reaction

chain reaction This game is also simple and is 2.2MB.It has been played by over 10 million users.

That's a lot of users.The game requires you to take control over the board by eliminating your opponent's orbs. chain reaction android Download Chain Reaction on Play Store

Flow Free: Bridges

flow free bridges Flow Free: Bridges only requires you to connect the matching colors.It's simple but has been played by 10 million users.

The game is fun, easy to play, and doesn't require a lot of time to spend time on. flow free bridges Download Flow Free: Bridges on Play Store

Caveman Adventure

caveman adventure Caveman Adventure is probably one of the most popular adventure games under 10MB.It's about caveman trying to find their lost kids, which requires you to do challenging things like fighting wild dinosaurs. caveman adventure android

Download Caveman Adventure on Play Store


zen best gams under 10mb Zen takes Android games to a whole new level.It's a game that reduces stress, makes you calmer, and trains your focus by drawing good-looking art on your screen simply by moving your finger on the phone screen. zen android

Download Zen! on Play Store


mekorama Mekorama is another game relaxing game that requires you to help this tiny robot stumble home through 50 challenging mechanical dioramas. mekorama android
Download Mekorama on Play Store


aa This simple game has been downloaded by 50 million people across the globe.

It's challenging game but not over-challenging.It requires you to focus on the game and doesn't require a lot of space. aa

Download aa on Play Store

Endless Falling

endless falling Endless Falling requires you to jump off a cliff and survive while falling.That's pretty challenging.

The game has 3.4 star-rating which is fine and has been downloaded over 100K users. endless falling

Download Endless Falling on Play Store

Falling Blocks

falling blocks Falling Blocks is an old brick game that requires you to put the right block in the right position to win.It has been downloaded by 10K people and has 1.5MB file size which is nice for a low-end smartphone.

Download Falling Blocks on Play Store


unblock Unblock is also a brick game.But it's puzzle one.

It requires more focus on the game to play this.Really challenging for a 10MB file-size game.

Download Unblock on Play Store

Devil Ninja 2

devil ninja 2 Devil Ninja 2 is a ninja game with a lot of weapons and levels you can choose to play.It has been played by over 10 million users and has 4.5 star-rating.

The game doesn't require a lot of space, just like others.It's only 10MB.

Download Devil Ninja 2 on Play Store

Ninja Dragon

ninja dargon Ninja Dargon is just another ninja game that requires you to go upward while facing challenges from your enemy.Make sure you don't die to reach the highest score. ninja dargon android

Download Ninja Dargon on Play Store

Connect the Dots

connect the dot Connect the Dots works just like the name suggests.

It requires you to connect dots with the same color to win.This simple game has been played by over 500K people. connect the dots android Download Connect the Dots on Play Store

Shadow Skate

shadow skate Shadow Skate has been downloaded by over 5 million people.That's because the game is really enjoyable, and all you need to do is just to skate effectively the right way.

Download Shadow Skate on Play Store

Zombie Attack 2

zombie attack Zombie Attack 2 amazingly has been downloaded by over a million people.

That's a lot compared to other 10MB games.All you need to do is just to fight all the zombies in the game to win. zombie attack 2

Download Zombie Attack 2 on Play Store

John GBA Lite

john gba lite John GBA Lite is one of the most popular NES game emulators.It has been downloaded by over 10 million people.

It's easy to run, and you can install your own game through zip files.

Download John GBA Lite on Play Store

Good games don't have to be having a huge file size.Sometimes games under 10MB are just fine, and even more enjoyable since you can play them on your limited free time.