How To Get Surviving Mars Deluxe Edition for Free Legally

surviving mars free

Humble Bundle currently makes Surviving Mars Deluxe Edition for free. Here’s how to get the game for free on your Steam account.

Surviving Mars Deluxe Edition

You can now get Surviving Mars Deluxe Edition for free until June 14, 2021, at 10:00:00 AM PDT. You can simply subscribe to the Humble Bundle newsletter to get the game for free.

You can have Surviving Mars Deluxe Edition as a Steam key. Yes, you have to redeem it to get the game on your Steam account. The entire process of claiming Surviving Mars Deluxe Edition takes only a few steps.

Here are the details of the steps to claim the game before it’s too late:

Signing in to Humble Bundle and Steam first

You will need to sign in to your Humble Bundle and Steam account first on your browser. This can simplify the rest of the process.

If you don’t have one, you can simply create a new one.

Verify your Humble Bundle and Steam account if you haven’t done it

It’s going to take longer if you haven’t done this. Thus, you will have to verify your Humble Bundle and Steam account, and you can do that through email activation.

Subscribe to the Humble Bundle newsletter

Then, you can go to this official page and select Get it now. Make sure Subscribe to the newsletter is checked. When you have subscribed to the newsletter, check your email inbox. You’re going to get a link to connect it to your Steam account.

Once you open the link, follow the next instruction until it takes you to the Steam page, where you can activate the product license. If somehow it doesn’t work, try going back to the Humble Bundle site and click Get it now again.

Redeem your Surviving Mars Deluxe Edition

You’re going to see a page where you have to see your redeem or product license code. Click to see it, then select Redeem. On the Steam page, activate the game to make it yours forever.

Once it’s done, and the game is yours, you would see a product activation email in your email inbox. That means the game is now really yours, and you can play it through Steam.

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