5 Ways to Fix: Google Assistant Keeps Popping Up on Android

Some users have this problem: Google Assistant keeps popping up on itself. Here’s how to fix it on your Android phone.

turn it off

Android brings the popular Google Assistant. But just like other apps/features, Google Assistant isn’t perfect. Here’s how to fix Google Assistant keeps popping up on Android.

Google Assistant has this common problem that some users experience: it keeps showing up out of nowhere. Even if you don’t say “Hey, Google!”. Sometimes it shows up when you tap seemingly random phone buttons.

Sometimes Google Assistant keeps popping up when you plug in the headphone cable or connect the Bluetooth one to your Android phone. It’s frustrating when you don’t intend to open Google Assistant, yet it keeps opening itself.

Turning off “Hey, Google!” if Google Assistant opens itself by your voice

If Google Assistant randomly opens itself every time it hears your voice, try turning off the voice match feature.

Open the Settings > Google > Account services > Search, Assistant, & Voice. Here, tap Google Assistant. Search for voice match or anything related to it. Tap Voice match.

voice match

Turn off the “Hey Google” toggle.

voice match feature

Google Assistant should not hear your voice anymore, and should not open itself again.

Fix: Google Assistant keeps popping up while headphone on

Google Assistant often shows up when you press the play/pause or any button on your headphone. It may also randomly open itself while playing music. Or even when you try to adjust the headphone jack.

This problem might be able to be solved by turning the headphone access off specifically for the Google Assistant app. This means you won’t be able to use Google Assistant with the headphone.

Open the Settings app. Select Google. Select Account services.

google assistant keeps popping up

Select Search, Assistant & Voice. Here, tap Voice.

google assistant settings

Now, to disable the headphone access for Google Assistant, simply make all of these toggle gray, which means they’re all turned off (“Bluetooth audio recording”, “Allow Bluetooth requests with device locked”, “Allow wired headset request with device locked”).


You may need to restart your Android phone to apply the changes you’ve made and see if Google Assistant still pops up while you plug in or connect the headphone.

Disable buttons/gestures for Google Assistant

Google Assistant uses some phone buttons or gestures to open itself. This may cause a problem for some users. To turn the feature off, simply open the Settings and search for Google Assistant.

Tap Launch Google Assistant. Select None.

disable google assistant

Here, tap Press and hold the Power button for 0.5s to turn on Google Assistant. Set the toggle off for the same option.

disable home button for google assistant

Disabling the microphone for Google Assistant

There’s still another method to fix this Google Assistant problem. Simply open the Settings app, select Apps, and select Permissions.


Here, select Permissions. Tap Microphone.

disable microphone

Here, search for the Google app, and set the toggle off. Tap Deny anyway to turn off the microphone for the Google app. Gray means it is turned off.

microphone is disabled

If Google Assitant still pop up, turn it off completely

There’s no other way than to turn off Google Assistant completely if you want to get rid of this frustrating problem. Doing it is simple, and you can do it directly from the app or uninstalling it.

Google Assistant isn’t a perfect feature, but if it gives you a headache because it pops up itself, you can turn one of the features off or completely disable it.

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