How To Fix Google Drive “Unable To Process This Video”

Google Drive has the streaming feature, but sometimes it fails. Here’s how to fix Google Drive “Unable to process this video”.

Google Drive allows you to upload and play videos directly from the web app. But there are times when it doesn’t work. Here’s how to fix Google Drive “Unable to process this video”.

When you are uploading a video to Google Drive and then the upload process is done, you’d see a message: We’re processing this video. Please check back later. This means it’s available to download, but not available to stream from Google Drive.

You don’t need to do anything about this, except waiting. Depending on the video size, it might take longer or shorter.

When the video is completely processed, you open it trying to stream directly from Google Drive but you see a message: Unable to process this video This means you really can’t stream the video.

But, why? Why won’t Google Drive play your videos directly?

The causes of the “Unable to process this video” error message in Google Drive

There might be some causes why it won’t get processed in Google Drive:

  • Video format not supported.
  • The video size is too large.
  • Corrupted video.

Although there might be a cause, there will be no clear explanation for the inability of Google Drive to stream your video. But, there are things you can do:

Fixing “Unable to process this video”

Your video might be corrupted, try uploading it again

If you still have the same uploaded video file, try opening it directly on your computer first. If you think it’s fine, the video might have been corrupted in the process of uploading to Google Drive. Try to upload it again.

You can also remove the uploaded video beforehand. Right-click at it, and select Remove.

remove a video from google drive

You’ll see a message saying “File moved to trash”.

moved to trash

To upload, select New.

upload a file

Select File upload if you want to upload individual files.

upload to google drive

You’ll see the upload process at the right-bottom corner of your screen.

Once it’s done, try waiting for more time until Google Drive successfully processes your video. Then, try view it directly from Google Drive.

If caused by the unsupported format, try converting the video

Try to convert the video to another if you still can’t play it. You can try the VideoProc and choose a different format for the video to convert to. Upload it again once it’s done.

Try updating your browser

Your video might not play due to an outdated browser. You can try updating it which can be usually done by accessing the About page of the browser. Open the menu, select Help, and then select About.

update browser

Try delete the cookies

You don’t have to delete all websites’ cookies, but you can delete only for Google Drive. Simply select the lock icon at the address bar, and select Cookies.

delete cookies

Here, select all cookies in the list and click Remove one by one.

remove cookies

Just download the video to play it on your computer

If you still fail streaming it directly, you can simply download the video so you can play it on your computer. When someone shares a video to your Google Drive, downloading it might be the only way to play it.

Google Drive provides a way to stream directly, but sometimes it’s not reliable. Fortunately, there are things you can do to fix it. If you still can’t stream it, downloading it might be the only way.

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