How To Fix Google Play “Error Checking for Updates”

Don’t panic when an important app has an error. Here’s how to fix Google Play “error checking for updates” on Android easily.

how to fix google play error checking for updates

It is really frustrating when an important app has an error that doesn’t give enough information about it, including this Google Play “error checking for updates” when trying to update some apps on Android.

This error only explains that Google Play Store is failed to check for updates for all apps. It can be caused by many things but most of it comes down to the corrupted cache, app data, and the internet connection you use.

How to fix Google Play “error checking for updates”

Clear the Google Play Store data and cache

If Google Play Store data and cache are corrupted that it causes the “error checking for updates”, then fixing it has to be done by clearing the app’s data and cache.

To do this, simply open the Settings of your Android phone. Select Apps. Search for Google Play Store. Select Clear data.

deleting play store data

Here, select Clear all data and Clear cache.

clear data

Try restarting your Android phone. Open the Google Play Store app again and see if the error still persists.

Uninstall the app’s update

If Google Play Store receives an update that causes this error, then you’d have to delete the update to fix the error. This downgrades the Play Store version and might cause more problems, so do it at your own risk.

On the App info of Google Play Store, select Uninstall updates. Select OK to confirm.

google play

Try restarting your phone. Try checking for updates again on the Play Store.

Make sure you don’t use VPN or third-party DNS

Sometimes Play Store might not download or connect properly if your phone uses VPN or a third-party DNS service. You might want to turn it off to see if Google Play Store can properly check for updates.

vpn disconnected

Switch carrier or internet service provider

If your carrier or internet service provider has a problem connecting to the Play Store, you might want to switch to another. Also, check for a data saving plan you might have set on your phone that could prevent Google Play Store from updating your apps.

Google Play Store might be currently down

If Google Play Store is actually down, then there’s nothing you can do to fix it other than waiting for it to work again. To see if it is actually down, you can try asking other Android users or check for updates using another Android phone.

Fortunately, there are always ways to solve this kind of problem, including the “error checking for updates” issue. Hopefully, you can now check for updates and install them without a problem anymore.

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