How to Add a Header in Google Sheets (and/or a Footer)

Are you new to Google Sheets? You might get confused about adding a title on top of your spreadsheet. Here’s how to add a header in Google Sheets.

how to add a header in google sheets

Google Sheets doesn’t have as many features as Microsoft Excel, but you can still add a workbook title, sheet name, date, page number, and stuff on the spreadsheet. Here’s how to add a header in Google Sheets.

If you’re talking about adding a header, it mostly means a header that is placed at the top of the spreadsheet. Either a workbook title or sheet name. The thing that you can definitely add to Google Docs documents on Format > Headers & footers.

But Google Sheets doesn’t have the same functionality feature. While Google Sheets is free and easy to use, it’s an online service that doesn’t provide more advanced features like adding a header and customizing it.

You can still add a header in Google Sheets, although you might not be able to change the style, font size, and stuff. But, you can change the margin and the position.

Another thing to know is that Google Sheets doesn’t provide a way to directly add a header in the menu. It’s a little bit hidden and people who are newly using Google Sheets might find it difficult to find.

How to add a header in Google Sheets

Inserting a header in your spreadsheet is easy. Simply open Google Sheets, and open the spreadsheet you want to add a header.

Now, click the File menu. Choose Print. Yes, the feature to put a header is under the print menu.

going to file and print in google sheets

You would see the print settings here. You need to scroll down the sidebar at the right to see where you can add a header and footer to your spreadsheet.

print window in google sheets

Under Headers & footers, you can directly check which stuff to show on your header and footer. You can add page numbers, workbook title, sheet name, current date, or the current time.

set custom field in google sheets

By default, the header and footer will be placed automatically. If you want to customize the position and the content of the header and footer, click Edit custom fields.

edit custom fields button

Here, you can add a header to Google Sheets easily. There are six positions you can choose to add header/footer content to.

editing a header in google sheets

Click to add a header or to edit it. There are some buttons that you can use to add page numbers, title, date, or time with different formats.

title of spreadsheet

Click the first one to add a page number. There is page number with only a number, with “Page” before it, and “Pg” that stands for “page” with a number afterward.

adding a page number

You can choose to show the workbook title or sheet name.

adding a workbook title or sheet name

You can add many different formats of dates.

adding a date in google sheets

You can also add different formats of the current time.

adding a time in google sheets

It would show a shortcode like this. You can definitely add a workbook title, sheet name, and stuff in the same position in the header or footer.

editing a date time in google sheets

To save it, click Confirm, which is at the top-right.

saving changes

Click Next.

next button

To print, simply click Print. You can also save the spreadsheet as a PDF by choosing Microsoft Print to PDF in the printer section.

printing a google sheets spreadsheet with a header

Unfortunately, you can’t size the font size and the style of the header or footer. Google Sheets hasn’t provided the feature at this time of writing.

How to add a row header in Google Sheets

If you mean a row header instead of header and footer in the Format menu, then you can definitely add a row header easily.

You can add that manually but inserting a new row at the top. You can also make a table out of your spreadsheet to make it look good.

add a header row in google sheets

While you can use Google Sheets easily, you might get confused every time you want to add a header. Google Sheets provide the feature to do it, but you can’t customize the font size and the style.

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