How To Add a Signature in Google Docs

Writing a legal document sometimes requires a signature. Here’s how to add a signature in Google Docs.

saving a signature

A signature is an important part of a legal document. But some users might find it difficult to insert one in Google Docs. Here’s how to add a signature in Google Docs.

How to add a signature in Google Docs

To do this, simply open Google Docs on the web. Open the document you want to insert a signature into. Put your mouse cursor or pointer at the location where you want to put the signature at.

Then, select Insert > Drawing > New.

how to add a signature in google docs

Here, select the button nearby the pointer icon on the toolbar to open a menu. Select Scribble to handwrite anything or to put your signature on the Google Docs document.

insert signature

Once you draw the signature, select Save and close.

draw a signature

You will see the signature on the location where you have put your mouse pointer previously. You can also move its position by changing its alignment or by dragging it elsewhere.

saving a signature

Adding a signature is possible on Google Docs through the drawing feature. This is more practical for a touchscreen device, but if you use a computer, you would have to manually scan your signature then insert it as a picture on the document.

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