How to Add Bitmoji to Android Keyboard

Bitmoji is getting more popular, and you may want to add its keyboard to your phone. Here’s how to add Bitmoji to Android keyboard.


Bitmoji is getting more popular. It’s an app that can make your custom emoji to express yourself. It’s owned by Snapchat, and you can add the keyboard to your phone. Here’s how to add Bitmoji to Android keyboard.

Bitmoji has been downloaded over 100 million on Play Store. It’s owned by Snapchat, and that’s why you can quickly register your account with just a Snapchat account. The setup process is simple and doesn’t take more than one minute.

How to Add Bitmoji to Android Keyboard

Before adding Bitmoji to your Android keyboard and switch to it, you have to set it up first. By the way, Android has some methods to add more languages to your keyboard and switch back to normal keyboard easily.

Download Bitmoji on Play Store

First, download the app first if you haven’t downloaded it.




Now, sign in to Bitmoji or sign up if you didn’t have the account yet. You can continue with Snapchat, too.

how to add bitmoji keyboard

Choose which skin tone that matches yours. Tap Save.

add bitmoji keyboard

Bitmoji will ask you for permission to add its keyboard to your Android phone. Tap Turn on keyboard. Tap Enable in Settings.

install bitmoji keyboard

You’ll be directed to your Setting app. Now set the toggle on at Bitmoji Keyboard.

manage keyboards

Choose OK if your smartphone warns you that Bitmoji can record everything you type, including passwords, credit card numbers, and other personal data.

bitmoji can record everything you type

Tap OK if it says “After a reboot, this app can’t start until you unlock your phone”.

note after a reboot, this app can't start until you unlock your phone

Now, you have to switch your current keyboard to Bitmoji keyboard on Android. Tap Switch keyboard.

switch android keyboard to bitmoji

Now, choose Bitmoji Keyboard.

change keyboard

Tap Finish to close the app.

finish keyboard

Now, you can write and type using the Bitmoji keyboard anywhere. You’ve added the Bitmoji keyboard to your Android phone.

If you happen to dislike Bitmoji and want to stop using the keyboard, you can turn off the Bitmoji keyboard easily.

How to Turn Off Bitmoji Keyboard on Android

Simply, go to the Settings app. Tap Additional settings.

turn off bitmoji

Choose Languages & input.

how to turn off or disable bitmoji keyboard

Choose Current Keyboard. Then choose other keyboards you want to switch to. You can also use Swiftkey if you want.

disable bitmoji

You can also uninstall Bitmoji if you just don’t like it and don’t want to use it anymore.

Bitmoji is a nice app. it’s available on Android for free, and you can use it with your Snapchat account. You can also use its Bitmoji keyboard, which allows you to express yourself with the emoji/avatar you make with the app.

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