How to Add Bullet Points in Google Sheets

Google Sheets is lacking a built-in feature to create bullet points. Here’s how to add bullet points in Google Sheets on your own quickly.

how to add bullet points in google sheets

Bullet points are inexistent things in Google Sheets, but that doesn’t mean you can’t create one. Here’s how to add bullet points in Google Sheets easily.

Bullet points usually exist on an offline word processing software that can be added directly from the interface. It is used to create a list of things, making it easy to read line by line, and placed before the sentence with a symbol like a circle bullet.

But, Google Sheets doesn’t provide the feature, leaving its users confused about how to add one. Don’t worry, the methods to add a bullet are easy and can be applied for other purposes, like indenting in Google Sheets.

Using a function to add bullet points in Google Sheets

You can add bullets a little difficult by using a function called CHAR. You can simply put a Unicode number of the bullet point character inside the function to show it on Google Sheets.

=CHAR(Unicode number)

You can see a complete list of Unicode numbers here. Then write the number on the Google Sheets spreadsheet you’re working on.

using formula to add bullet points

To add a text after the Unicode number, you can add & symbol and empty space followed by any text you want to put, like this:

=CHAR(Unicode number) & ” Anything”

bullet points formula with text

How to add bullet points in Google Sheets by copying and pasting

This might not be the most practical way to add bullet points, but this is probably the easiest one. You can visit other websites showing many different bullet points that you can copy, and then paste on your spreadsheet.

You can also copy one of the bullet points available below:

○ ✓ ► • ⁍

Simply paste it on your cell. If you want to make things faster, simply drag the bottom-right corner of the cell to the bottom to autofill.

bullet points by copying and pasting

Using custom number format in Google Sheets

There’s another weird way to create bullet points. The custom number format is simply a feature that helps you add a currency or any symbol within a cell.

To do this, simply click Format > Number > More Formats > Custom number format.

using custom number format to add bullet points

Here, simply paste the symbol you get from other websites, add empty space, and add @ as a mark for the content of the cell that you will type there. Click Apply once it’s done.

pasting symbol into custom number formats

Google Sheets unfortunately doesn’t have a built-in feature to add bullet points. You have to copy the symbol from other websites and manually paste it into your spreadsheet. But with the autofill feature, the job can be done more quickly.

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