How to Add Comment in Word (Windows 11/10, Android, iPhone, Mac)

Word is a popular word processing software that has the comment feature. Here’s how to add a comment in Word (Windows 11/10, Mac, iPhone, & Android).

comment has been added

Microsoft Word has been widely used as the number one word processing software. It has many advanced features you can use. Including adding comments. But, not all Word users know about it. Here’s how to add a comment in Word and everything about the comment in Word, including closing comments and replying to it.

Word has many versions across devices. It is available in Windows 11/10, Mac, Android, iOS, and even on your web browser. All those versions allow you to manage comments. This makes users easily add comments, replies, and close comments across devices. Especially if you use Word to collaborate with other users by using a Microsoft account.

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How to Add Comment in Word

Word has three different versions that resemble each other. All of them have options that let you manage your comment in Word, including options to add a comment. You can apply this in Windows 11/10, Mac, and Word Online.

To add comments in Word, just select words you can put comments to. Right-click and then choose New Comment.

how to add comment in word

Now, a box will pop out at the right side of your document, with a red line that connects between the words/contents you’re commenting on and your comment.

write a comment in word

You can start writing your comment, adding comments just like adding additional information about a part of the document without actually affecting the document itself. If you print this document, the comment won’t be printed.

resolve a comment in word

To save comments in Word, you can simply just click the document on the left side. It will hide the red line thus removing distractions to continue editing your document in Word.

a comment has been closed or resolved

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How to Resolve/Close Comments in Word

Word doesn’t just provide an option to add comments. It also provides an option to resolve or close the comment. This is important to clear out distractions created by all comments that are still new.

To do this, just click Resolve.

how to resolve comment in word

It will close the comment and make it easy to distinguish between the new comments and old or closed comments in Word.

closed comment in word

If you want to reopen the comment, just click the comment and click Reopen.

reopen comment in word

How to Reply to a Comment in Word

You can also reply to comments in Word. This is important for Word users who collaborate with each other.

To do this, click the comment you want to reply to and click Reply.

reply comment in word

Start writing your reply, and then press Enter to send the reply.

reply a comment in word

How to Delete a Comment in Word

You can also delete a comment in Word. To do this, just click the comment. Right-click and then choose Delete comment.

reply a replies in word

How to Add a Comment in Word (Android and iOS)

Word has entered the Android and iPhone markets for a long time. It has added new features to make it easy for users to edit their documents across devices. Including changing margins in Word.

To add a comment in Word mobile, simply open the app and open the document you would like to add a comment in. Make sure you tap the edit button that is located at the left side of the search button at the top. To add a comment, select the words you want to put a comment to, and tap New Comment.

how to add comment in word android and iphone

Now, start typing the comment you want to add in Word. To send the comment, tap the send button.

how to add comment in word android and iphone

The comment now has been added to your document.

comment has been added

Word has many features that make it easy for you to write, edit, and create documents. You can also collaborate with other Microsoft Word users, and add comments in Word to connect with each other directly about the documents you’re editing. You can also add a ruler in Word to change the layout in Word a lot easier.

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