How to Add Friends on Xbox (Windows 10, Android, &

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Xbox ecosystem provides a good multiplayer gaming experience, including the ability to add friends and socialize with other gamers worldwide. Here’s how to add friends on Xbox (Windows 10, Android, Xbox website, and Xbox consoles themselves).

Xbox provides a gamertag. It works like your social media username, but for the Xbox ecosystem. You can create your own gamertag and share it with others to add friends and follow each other.

If you want to play Minecraft and other multiplayer games with others, make sure you know their gamertag. Once you get their gamertag, you can add them as friends on Xbox Live.

How to add friends on Xbox (Windows 10 & Android app)

Xbox has its Windows 10 and Android app. You can install them to chat and interact with other Xbox gamers anywhere on your PC and your smartphone.

Download Xbox on Microsoft Store

Download Xbox on Play Store

Open the Xbox app. Xbox app on Windows 10 should be similar to the Android version. Sign in to your Microsoft account. Open the Search tab.

how to add friends on xbox windows 10

Type your friend’s gamertag on the search box.

search for xbox user to befriend with

When you find their gamertag, tap their Xbox profile. You can see their offline/online status.

searching for a user

Here, simply tap Add Friend to add them as your friend on Xbox.

click add friend

How to add friends on

If you get a problem adding friends on Xbox apps, you can try using Simply open on your browser and sign in to your Microsoft account.

Click your profile picture. Then click Xbox Profile.

xbox profile

Search for their gamertag on the search box below the Friends & clubs. Then click their profile that shows on the search result.

adding xbox friends on xbox live

Once their Xbox profile is opened, you can click Add friend to add their Xbox profile as a friend.

add friend button

Add friends on Xbox consoles (Xbox Series X/S & Xbox One)

Simply press the Xbox button.

Choose Find someone below People.

Type their gamertag to find their Xbox profile.

Choose Add friend to add them as your friend on Xbox.

Xbox provides an easy-to-use multiplayer gaming system, and it allows you to connect with other Xbox gamers to see their activity and play games together at any time.

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