How to Add Google Search Bar to Home Screen in Android If You Lost It

xiaomi redmi note 7 search bar

Android easily become top and most used mobile operating system. It’s open-source and you can find it in most brands. It also has a lot of features, including Google Search bar widget. If you lost it, you can add Google Search bar widget to Android, home screen exactly, with these easy steps.

Google has made Android unique by adding its search engine bar widget to home screen. If you use Xiaomi, Samsung, Pixel, or LG Android phones, you will see Google Search bar shows on your home screen by default. However, some users report that they accidentally removed it and don’t know how to get it back.

You can move Google Search bar around to another area, to other home screen pages, to widget pages, or even to your Android app drawer by using these best Android launcher you can download for free.

Google Search bar is awesome and make it easy for the users to search in Google. Normally, you can get it by adding the widget. Some Android users don’t know how to add Google Search bar widget back. If you want of those users, don’t worry, we’re covering how to get it back.

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How to Add Google Search Bar to Home Screen and Get It Back If You Still Have Google Apps

By default, most Android smartphone brand put Google Search bar because they are required to do so. If you accidentally removed it, you actually can get it back by adding the widget to home screen. That means the app is still there on your smartphone. If you lost the app, you can get it back by downloading from Play Store (we’ll talk about it later on).

Now, we’ll just talk about how to add Google Search bar to Android, right at the home screen, manually. Depending on the launcher you use, however, this tutorial use Microsoft Launcher as an example.

Don’t worry, if you use Android system launcher by default, it’s fine. The options and steps are still similar.

Open your Android home screen.

Tap your home screen empty area and hold for a second. Tap Widgets. Then, you will see list of widgets available for you to choose. Including Google Search bar widget.

how to add google search bar to home screen

You can add Google Search bar widget easily by tapping it.

In this example, I use Microsoft Launcher, therefore the search bar come by default and if I lost it, I can add it again and customize the experience. Learn more about how to add widgets in Microsoft Launcher.

If you use System launcher, don’t worry, we also tell you how to do the same in default system launcher Android.

add google search bar to android easy steps

Once you added Google Search bar, it will show you dots between sides that implies that you can change the size of Google Search bar widget easily using those dots. Just slide that dot according to your needs and your home screen area. By default, it has 4×1 size, and you can change the width and height.

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xiaomi redmi note 7 search bar

Another thing to know about is that you can also move Google Search bar to another home screen pages or another home screen area, either at the top or the bottom.

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If You Lost Google App, You Have to Download It First to Get Google Search Bar Widget

If you want to add Google Search bar to Android but you don’t see any Google widget, you may not have Google App. Either you lost it by accidentally deleted it or else, you can install the app right away from Play Store. Here’s how.

First, download the app from the link below:

Download Google App on Play Store

Now, just tap Install. If you’ve installed it, then tap Update.

google app download from play store to add google search bar widget

Then, you can manually add Google Search bar widget by doing steps above we’ve talk about earlier. You should see the widget at the list.

By the way, you can also add weather widget to home screen easily using the same Google app.

How to Add Google Chrome Search Widget Instead

Instead of using and adding Google Search bar (which is search engine), you can also use or add Google Chrome search widget instead. It’s the fastest browser for most Android users out there. It has a lot of features, including search bar, which is basically the same thing with the bar on Google app.

But, if you don’t want to use Google app, you can choose the browser instead. This also saves more battery since Google app could probably drain your Android smartphone battery.

To do this, make sure you have Google Chrome. Don’t have one? Install it from the link below:

google chrome

Download Google Chrome from Play Store

Now, just tap your home screen empty area, then hold it for a second. Tap Widget then choose Google Chrome search bar instead of Google Search bar.

how to add google search bar from google chrome

It will look like this. You can also change the size of Google Chrome search bar.

google search bar has been added

Instead of Using Widget, You Can Use Google Search Bar in Google Now

how to add google search bar widget

You can actually use Google Search bar not in form of widget but an app that is tied in your home screen. It works like a home screen pages. If you use Nova Launcher, chances are you want to get Google Now for Nova Launcher. If you use only System/default launcher, don’t worry, it is also available for you.

Instead of learning on how to add Google Search bar to home screen, why not add a pages that has search bar and news that you can scroll and read through?

Google Now Launcher is a special app that you can still download in the link below:

Download Google Now Launcher from Play Store

Just setup the app normally and then you will see a home screen page that show Google Search bar with its news.

Now you’ve learned how to add Google Search bar to Android in different ways, from Google app to Chrome app to the Google Now Launcher app. If you encounter problem doing this, let me know in the comment below.

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