5 Ways on How to Add Link to Instagram Story without Being Verified/10K Followers

adding new instagram story

Instagram has “swipe up” feature, which is a feature that lets you to add link to Instagram story and that link can be opened by your follower directly in Instagram app by swiping up the story.

This feature is amazing. But, you’re mainly required to have 10K followers and verified Instagram account. Is there any other alternative to this? Yes, you can still do that call-to-action easily. Here’s how to add link to Instagram story without being verified/ or having 10K followers.

Why You Need to Add Link to Instagram Story

You see, adding link to Instagram story increases your engagement by letting your audiences/followers to access link you share. The link is most likely to be your website (or your YouTube channel), which is a good thing because that will lead to more conversion and sales.

However, the requirement is difficult. Many business or creator Instagram account are still new, and gaining 10K followers aren’t that easy. Let alone getting your Instagram account verified.

This limitation creates scarcity and make someone who can put link to Instagram story looks more awesome than it actually is. Even most social media allows you to add link in the post.

But, that also create more positive engagement since spam Instagram accounts who have hundreds of followers can’t share their website’s link to their story. The least they can do is adding link to their Instagram bio.

Swipe up feature is one of the call-to-action button that is really useful and in high demand that you need 10K followers to have it. But, you don’t have 10K followers to add link to story in “different” ways.

There are some ways you can do to add link to story or your Instagram without being verified.

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How to Add Link to Instagram Story without Being Verified: Use IGTV

IGTV is one of the most popular method for Instagram account that doesn’t have 10K followers to add link. The way it works is by adding the link in the description (caption) and you can use the video title as your link’s anchor text.

Even though this doesn’t really work as much as you think it does, but this can be effective if you make really good IGTV videos. Adding link to the video can lead to conversions if the link is relevan to the video you’re posting.

IGTV is a way for people to upload longer video in Instagram. You can upload up to 60 minutes video through PC and you can upload up to 15 minutes video on Android and iPhone.

Download IGTV on Play Store

Once you install the app, open the app. If you have logged in to your Instagram account, you should see Continue as (your username) button. Tap it.

download instagram igtv app

Now that you’ve logged in, you can tap the video icon at the top to upload your IGTV which you can add link into the caption instead of adding link into Instagram story.

how to add link to instagram story without 10k followers

Now choose video. Tap Next.

using igtv to add link to instagram story

You will see the Title and Description boxes. The title of the video can be used to direct your audience to click the title which will show the description. The description should be text and link which is clickable by your audience. Tap Post to publish.

igtv format to add link to the caption

Now that the IGTV video is uploading.

igtv is being uploaded in instagram

Once done, you will see the video and the title at the top. You can tap the title, then the description (which is the link) will show. You can tap the link and it will show directly inside IGTV app or Instagram app instead of opening the link in the browser.

instagram igtv add link in the caption instead of story

This is the most effective way to add link to Instagram story without being verified or 10K followers. However, for some people this might be way too much effort only to add link to Instagram.

You can do other methods here.

Send The Link through DM Instead of Adding Link to Story

Instead of adding link to story, you can directly send message to people who want it. You can do this by asking them through Instagram story.

You see, Instagram story provide reply text box which can be used for your audiences to directly ask you the link. Therefore, you can send the link to the message pretty easily.

You can add text in the story and tell them to reply if they want the link. You can move the text nearby the reply box to make them easily pay attention to want you say in the story. Tap Send to. Then tap Share to publish your story.

asking people to dm to get the link instead of adding it in the story

Now that you’ve shared the story, you can wait for your audiences to reply to the story asking you for the link.

However, this kind of Instagram story might lead to fewer engagement than you think it does. Most Instagram users are lazy to ask for the link even if they want to. Typing isn’t the most effective way to ask for something if that can be done in just one tap: vote.

You can use polls to let people to vote. This can be more effective for you if you can’t add link to Instagram story.

Use Polls to Engage Audiences for The Link in Instagram Story

Instagram story can be used to engage attention of someone who see it. Polls feature in Instagram is pretty easy to make even if you’re beginner users of Instagram. You can create polls pretty easily there by using sticker which is available in the story.

When creating story. Tap the sticker button at the top. Then scroll down a little until you find “POLL”. Tap that and you will have to insert the question of the poll, and you may need to customize the “YES/NO” buttons.

create poll to add link to story

After you posting the poll, you will see who vote for yes and who vote for no, and see others who don’t vote at all. If you ask them to vote for Yes if they want the link, you can directly send them link through DM instead of adding link into your Instagram story which is impossible.

group chat to ask for the link

How to Add Link to Instagram Story without 10K Followers: Put in on The Bio

There’s a simplest way to add link to your story. By “adding” I mean telling people to tap the link on your bio, from the story.

You might think this is unpractical but this is one of the most popular methods used by businesses to share link. You see, sharing link in the Instagram caption is impossible. But, you can use both caption and Instagram story to inform your audiences to click the link putted in your bio.

Tap your profile picture to add a story.

adding new instagram story

Then, add text by tapping the “Aa” button. Inform them to click the link you shared in your bio. Tap Send to to share the story, then tap Share to publish the story.

add link to instagram story by asking people to click the link in the bio

Use “Join Chat” Sticker in Story to Invite Audiences if They Want Link You Add in the Story

Instagram also has chat sticker which is available in your story. This sticker works by inviting people who click the sticker to join your group chat. You can tell “if you want the link, you can join our group chat” or something like that.

This method is probably way too much effort, but this can’t be underestimated if you want other alternatives to add link into your Instagram story.

To create group chat in Instagram, you can go to DM and long-tap two or more person in DM to invite them into your group chat.

create group chat instagram

At first, you won’t see the chat as group chat. Instead, you will see kind of “multiple chat” which can’t be joined by anyone else. But, once you send a message, it will become group chat which you can let anyone else to join it.

group chat add link

Once you created the group, create an Instagram story and ask people to join your group chat for the link you want to share.

Instagram allows you to add link to your story pretty easily, if you have 10K followers or being verified. But, you can do some alternatives which works almost the same way so you can still share and add link to Instagram story without being verified, having 10K followers, or other requirements which can’t be achieved by new Instagram accounts.

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