Here’s The Simplest Way on How to Add Location to Instagram Bio

edit bio to add location

Instagram is unique when it comes to the profile. It shows your follower count, following count, your username and name, and your bio. But, you might be confused to add more information about you, like your location. If you’re new and want to learn more, here’s how to add a location to your Instagram bio.

You can do these on Android and iPhone.

How Instagram Location in Bio Works

Instagram itself doesn’t allow all users to add a location to the bio. If you use a personal Instagram account, you can’t add a location to the bio unless you switch to the business account.

An Instagram business account has some advantages when it comes to the profile. Not only you can add a location to your bio, but also your website, your phone number, your email — all at the same time.

If you have a business and want to use an Instagram account to promote and gain more customers, it is important to use a business account thus you can add detailed information like location in your Instagram bio, so your customers can know where they want to go if they want to visit your office.

When someone clicks the location you put in your bio, they will be redirected to maps apps like Google Maps showing your office or your business location.

You can switch from personal to business account easily if you want to add a location to the Instagram bio.

Here’s how.

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How to Switch from Personal to Business Account to Get Location Feature on Instagram Bio

Keep in mind that switching to a business account requires your Instagram account to be public all the time. You can’t make your account private when you switch to a business account.

Open your Instagram app. Login to your account. Tap Edit Profile. Then, tap Switch to Professional Account.

how to add location to instagram bio

Now, tap Next in the Business section. Tap Continue until the introduction is over.

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Select a category for your Instagram business. Tap Next.

how to put your location on instagram bio in android

Instagram will ask for confirmation. Tap OK to confirm switching to a business account, which will eventually allow you to add a location to the Instagram bio.

how to set location on instagram bio in iphone

Now, tap Next. Here, you can put your location that will show in your Instagram bio. Tap OK.

switch to business account to add location to bio

Now, tap Don’t Connect to Facebook Now if you decide not to connect to Facebook now.

instagram business account is done

Now that you have switched to a business account, you can add a location to your Instagram bio now.

How to Add Location to Instagram Bio in Android and iPhone

Instagram has a simple method to add and edit your location that shows in your bio.

Tap Edit Profile. You will see your business account profile options here. Including changing your location.

instagram edit profile

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Tap Contact Options. Then, tap Business address to add a location in bio. You can add the street address, city/town, and zip code of your business. Those will show in your bio. Tap the checkmark button at the top to save.

edit bio to add location

Now you’ve put your location in the Instagram bio.

If you think you don’t want to add a location to Instagram bio and want to switch back to a personal account, here’s how.

How to Switch Back to Personal Account If You Don’t Want to Add Location in Bio

You can switch back to a personal account anytime, as well as switching back again to the business account on Instagram.

Open your Instagram app. Login to your account. Tap the hamburger button at the top. Tap Settings.

switch back to personal instagram location

Go to your Account setting. Tap Switch to Personal account.

instagram account settings

Now, tap Switch Back if you don’t want to add a location in bio.

switch back to instagram location

Can You Add Location to the Bio While Keeping a Personal Account?

If you don’t like switching to a business account due to some reasons, there are some alternative suggestions you can do to keep putting your location in your Instagram bio with a personal Instagram account.

Put the Location Exactly Inside Your Bio

This method of adding your location to your Instagram profile is probably the only way you can practically show where you are based on your Instagram profile visitors without switching to a business account.

People may not be able to click and find the direction easily to visit your location, but at least they would know where your business is based in and your followers would be familiar with the location, helping you to grow nearby audiences and consumers.

Most people would put the city and the state they live in after some words of description in your bio. Mainly, Instagram doesn’t allow you to put multiple paragraphs of bio and will remove any space (the “space” when you press the enter button to add a new line), merging the bio and the location in the same line thus making it difficult to read.

Don’t worry, you can add space in the Instagram bio to add a new line for your location by using these specific methods, while it’s not as effective as switching to a business account, it’s still worth doing when you just don’t want to switch.

Creating a Single Link for All of Your Links and Location

If you ever seen some Instagram profiles use Linktree as their “website”, you would see that the link contains all other links that are useful for their audiences. This is helpful if you have multiple websites or links that are important for your followers to visit since Instagram only allows one.

While Linktree is the most popular, it’s not the only one. There are some better Linktree alternatives you might want to use.

Well, you can also add your location link (Google Maps direction link) in the Linktree link you make. That is a great solution to get your location seen by more people and help them to navigate easier, without the need to switch to a business account and without your audiences search your address manually in Google Maps.

Instagram has simple methods you can use to add a location to the bio. You can set and write location by switching to the business account first, then go to your profile to edit your location. You can do these on Android and iPhone. Unfortunately, there’s still no possible way to add a location on Instagram PC.

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