Here’s How to Add Ruler in Word (and Hide Vertical Ruler)

file tab in microsoft word

Microsoft Word has become one of the most popular word processor that has been used over billions of users across the globe. It is still being developed and adding new features. One of the old features that has been used popularly is ruler. In this tutorial, you’re going to learn how to add ruler in Word.

Microsoft Word’s ruler is useful to manage the position of margin, text, tables, or other document elements. Ruler is a quick shortcut to manage those things — instead of setting margin, text, tables position manually. You can also use ruler to specifically change margins in Word.

By default, Word hides ruler for users to gain more spaces in the document. You may want to insert ruler in Word to easily change the position and setting margin, text, tables, or other document elements.

This tutorial can be applied in Word 2013, Word 2016, and Word 2019; in Windows 10 and Mac.

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How to Add Ruler in Word (Windows 10 and Mac)

Ruler in Word is only available when you switch to Print Layout. Print Layout is the actual appearance of document that will be printed.

Open Microsoft Word. Click the View tab. Then choose Print Layout if you haven’t already.

here's how to add the ruler in word

This will make ruler available in Word for you to use it.

Here’s how to add the ruler in Word: in View tab, check the Ruler box that is located at Show section.

switch to print layout to add the ruler in word

Once you checked the Ruler box, the ruler now has been added into your Word app. Now you can manage tables, text, and margins easily without managing them manually.

check the ruler box to show the ruler in word

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If you want to hide the ruler in Word again, just uncheck the Ruler box. It will be hidden automatically.

This can be applied both for Mac and Windows 10.

How to Hide Vertical Ruler in Word (Windows 10 and Mac) & and How to Show It Again

Microsoft Word also offers user a feature called vertical ruler. It is a ruler that is specifically use to manage the margins, tables, texts, or other elements vertically. By hiding vertical ruler in Word, you can gain more space in your Word document to write better without getting distracted.

Or, you can hide vertical ruler only when you don’t need it, and you can add comment in Word if you work collaboratively to make the editing experience a lot better.

To do this, open File tab.

ruler box has been checked

Click Options.

file tab in microsoft word

Now, you will see a dialog box pop-up. It’s where you can manage advanced options in Word, including adding or hiding vertical ruler in Word.

To hide the vertical ruler, just uncheck Show vertical ruler in Print Layout view. Click OK to save changes and apply the settings.

how to hide vertical ruler in word

Now, you won’t see vertical ruler anymore. It’s now the horizontal ruler that shows in your Word document.

vertical ruler is hidden

How to Add Ruler in Word Online

how to add ruler in word online

Unfortunately, it’s currently impossible to add ruler in Word Online. The developers haven’t been adding the features into Word Online. Therefore, you can manage document layout, margin, etc. manually using the Layout tab.

Before using Word Online, you have to create your own Microsoft account.

How to Add Ruler in Word Mobile (Android & iPhone)

Word in Android and iPhone hasn’t developed the ruler features yet. It is really unfortunate. But, you can still manage your Word document’s layout and margin manually using the Layout tab or other already-existing features that help you manage the layout.

Word is a popular word processor, and you can show or hide already-existing feature like ruler. You can add the ruler in Word easily by using View tab. Both can be applied in Windows 10 and Mac, and unfortunately can’t be applied in mobile and online version of Word.

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