How To Add Space to an Instagram Post or Caption

Instagram doesn’t provide easy way to write long, readable caption. Here’s how to add space in Instagram post for the long caption (in Android, iPhone, & PC).

Instagram has a caption feature, which is the main feature of the platform. It is used for photos and videos people share in their posts. However, some people still don’t know about creating a new line in the caption, simply because pressing Enter on your keyboard won’t work. Here’s how to add space to an Instagram post.

If you create a caption with more than one line/paragraph directly on Instagram, the app will remove those lines and combine your caption into one. Thus, the space you’ve typed has gone and the caption along with the words you’ve typed become unreadable.

That’s not good if you want to post a product review with long words that have to be separated into different paragraphs/lines on Instagram. It is inconvenient if you want to add a list of hashtags after your caption.

Instagram doesn’t say anything about this. It mainly allows for using a single line of caption. No need for more space.

Talking about space, you also can’t create a new line by pressing Enter in your Instagram bio. However, there are some tricks you can do to add space to Instagram posts.

If you’re working with Instagram regularly, every single day, you can’t ignore these methods. These can help you to add space to Instagram posts or captions. That means your post with a very long caption, can be readable easily by adding space or a new line.

There are three popular methods to add space to Instagram posts. You can choose one of these, and start making captions and formatting your Instagram post with no stress.

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How to Add Space in Instagram Post with Period or Emoji

The first option that most people will do is by using period/any symbols or emoji. This is amazingly working even though the dot and emoji will be visible in your post. Many popular brands on Instagram use this method to add more space to Instagram posts, especially a post with long captions.

Take a look at the GoPro Instagram account. You will see that many of their posts uses dotted symbol to add space or new line in their caption. They also format the post with some important hashtags and a few noticeable emojis.

If you use Instagram for your business, you can use this method to put space in the caption.

using dot and emoji to add line break, space, adding enter creating new line in instagram post caption

But, how do you add space to Instagram posts using this method?

First, upload a new picture or video just like you do it usually. When the caption box appears, write the caption line one by one. When you add space, just press Enter and begin typing period (.) and then press Enter again to create a new line or paragraph.

Now, your Instagram post is ready to be published.

How to Put Space in Instagram Post Manually

If you write a long caption directly on Instagram, all spaces you have created to separate line by line will be removed. The same thing occurs if you do the first method which is by typing period but then you removed the period — Instagram will combine those lines and spaces making the caption unreadable.

But, there’s always a solution to a problem. You can put space in Instagram posts manually by using these bracket symbols.


Just copy and paste that bracket whenever you want to put space or create a new line of a paragraph. Then, when you’re ready to share or publish the Instagram post, just remove the bracket without all those lines or spaces keep making your caption readable.

When the Instagram post is published, it will look like this.

That’s it. Now you’ve created space in your Instagram post making the caption readable with many lines and paragraphs.

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How to Make Space in Instagram Post by Using Line Break Generator

The primary process when it comes to making space in an Instagram post or caption is by creating a line break.

Talking about a line break, many word processing tools like Microsoft Word have their line break, which is called a horizontal line. You can create a horizontal line in Word very easily.

Instagram itself doesn’t work like Facebook, where you can make space and add line breaks easily to add a new paragraph. The caption will work just like a caption, where it is intended to create a single line of caption.

But, don’t worry. There is certainly a good tool to make space in the caption. One of the best is Instagram Line Break Generator. This tool can easily convert your normally, long-written caption that will keep looking just like it is once you copied and pasted the converted caption into the Instagram post.

First, open the website. Now, just write any caption as long as you want (with 2200 characters as the limit). You can look up this example if you have no clue about writing it. Once done, tap Copy to clipboard to copy the converted caption.

instagram line break generator

Then, paste that caption into your new Instagram post. You can see there’s no need to edit it again simply because the converted caption has spaces that keep each line separated from the other.

You can tap Share to publish your Instagram post.

How to Get Space in Instagram Caption from Your PC/Browser

You might be wondering, whether you can post from a PC or not. The truth is you can post a new picture or video from Instagram on PC/web, just like sending DM on PC.

You can use the User-Agent Switcher extension that is available for all browsers including Chrome. If you use Chrome, you can download it from the link below, which eventually will help you to get space from keeping your caption readable.

Download User Agent extension for Chrome

Once you downloaded the extension, let’s turn it on and choose Android KitKat to make Instagram web on PC/desktop work just like in a mobile browser.

Now that the plus button is shown up, click it to upload a picture.

Select a picture you want to post.

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Click Next to go to the caption box.

Here’s the thing. You can’t write long captions normally by pressing Enter directly on the Instagram website. You can’t press Enter and hope that Instagram will keep your separated lines readable. You have to use the tool the same as the previous method to convert your long caption.

First, open the website. Then, start typing your long caption. Here, now you can write long captions normally by pressing Enter. This website will convert that caption that will keep looking just as it is in an Instagram post.

Click Copy to clipboard.

using instagram caption generator to add line breaks, space, or add enter

Now, paste the converted caption in the Instagram post. Click Share to publish the post.

Instagram doesn’t provide a simple way to write a long caption and it will keep removing the spaces you’ve written, making your Instagram post unreadable. By using one of those methods above, you can now add space to your Instagram post and separate each paragraph for your long caption.

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