How to Add Weather Widget in Android (In 4 Different Ways)

To access current or future weather forecast a lot easier, you have to learn how to add weather widget in Android. Here are different ways to do that.

add weather widget to home screen using built-in weather app

Google has developed Android with so much features, including the ones that allows you to know the weather forecast in your local area or city.

If you don’t, you won’t know whether you have to bring umbrella or that you have to use car to avoid getting wet by rain or that you have to leave the city because of hurricane.

To access the information of current or future weather forecast a lot easier, you have to learn how to add weather widget in Android.

There are actually many ways you can do about this. First, you can use your smartphone brand’s default weather app. If you use Samsung, Xiaomi, Huawei, or any other phone, you will probably see there’s a default weather app that you can use, and add weather widget to home screen easily.

Doing that won’t require you to install third-party weather app that add the widget to the home screen.

But, not all weather apps are equal. Some are just inaccurate. If you think your weather app is one of them, then you have to use Google weather app to add weather widget. You can download it from the Play Store.

Third, if you want more features or more information about weather forecast, you probably want to install third-party weather app. We’ll talk about this later on.

Fourth, if you use one of third-party best launcher app for Android, you may want to add weather widget to the home screen. Well, most launcher app has already built-in widget that shows weather forecast like Microsoft Launcher, so you don’t have to try adding one.

But, if you lost it, read on how to add widgets in Microsoft Launcher.

How to Add Weather Widget in Android by Using Your Phone Brand’s Built-In App

This is the easiest steps to read more information about weather forecast right at your home screen. Your phone brand have a lot of built-in app that you may want to use, from browser to weather app. The only thing that it doesn’t provide is other things that Google’s has, so you have set everything up manually, including a need to add Google Search bar.

If you have that phone brand’s built-in app, it’s obvious that you can add weather to home screen easily without having to install third-party apps.

To do this, tap your home screen empty area and hold it for a second.

Then, tap Widgets. Tap Weather when you find it as app name.

how to add weather widget in android

Done. Now you will see current information about weather forecast at your home screen. You can also change the size of that weather widget, just tap and hold the widget for a second. Then use the dots at the side to resize.

add weather widget to home screen using built-in weather app

Use Google App to Add Weather Widget to Home Screen

There’s another way than the first one: use Google app. If you use Pixel, you probably has it already in your smartphone. If you don’t, you can download it in the link below:

Download Google App on Play Store

how to use google app to install weather widget

Once you install the app, you can then add weather widget in Android with more features developed by Google.

The best thing about Google app is that it is trusted and protect your privacy, unlike many other third-party weather app. It doesn’t need to access your data unless you allow it. The weather forecast is also accurate enough, is as accurate as you search weather in Google search.

To add the widget, just tap and hold your home screen for a second. Tap Widget. Then find Google as app name, there will be list of Google widgets, including Google’s weather widget. Tap it.

using xiaomi to add google weather app to home screen

Now, you have added weather widget from Google. Just like before, you can also resize the widget easily by single-tapping and holding it for a moment.

weather widget now has been added to home screen

By the way, Google is the same app that you can use to get Google Now for Nova Launcher (if you use it).

Third, You Can Also Install Third-Party Weather App to Add the Widget to Home Screen

Not just using your phone brand’s built-in app or Google app, you can also use third-party weather app. That app is specifically developed for you to know more about weather forecast in the next weeks. But, you probably have no idea what the best weather app for Android is.

One of great weather app you can use to add widget to home screen is Accuweather. It is free and you can download it from Play Store.

Download Accuweather from Play Store

download accuweather, best weather app for android

Install Accuweather from the link above. Now, you just have to add Accuweather widget from the widget list.

To do this, tap and hold your empty home screen area. Then tap Widgets. Search for Accuweather widget.

Tap it.

add weather information to home screen using accuweather

But, now you will have to manually setup the weather app first. To do this, just tap Continue. It also shows a message that you have to allow the app to access location. Tap Agree and Allow.

setting up accuweather

To show the right location, you can add it manually by tapping Add Location. You can even change the theme of the app to dark, changing temperature, and refresh interval. Once you do that, the weather widget of Accuweather will show at your home screen.

accuweather choose location for home screen

Use Microsoft Launcher to Add Weather Widget

Here’s another way you can do to show weather widget on home screen: Microsoft Launcher.

Using Microsoft Launcher to do this doesn’t require very much effort. By default, Microsoft Launcher show you weather widget.

But, if you lost it, you add it manually through these steps.

Tap and hold your home screen then tap Add widget. Then tap Weather.

adding accuweather forecast to home screen

You may need to change the location manually. You search or choose the current location. To change size of the weather widget, tap it and tap Resize.

weather forecast has been added

Now you’ve learned how to add weather widget in Android. If you encounter difficulty while doing above steps, let me know in the comment below. Now you can read weather forecast right at your home screen.

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