How to Add Widgets in Microsoft Launcher (Android)

All feature in Microsoft Launcher are easy to customize Including Cortana, and also the widget. In this article, we’ll learn how to add widgets.

Microsoft Launcher is one of the best Android launcher on the Play Store market. The app currently reach 1 millions of review with 4.6 star-rating, and the best thing about this launcher app is that the features are entirely free. No need to cost more money to enjoy some unnecessary feature like 3D transition.

All feature in Microsoft Launcher, as we said earlier, are free. Including Cortana, backup and restore, daily Bing wallpaper, and also the widget. In this tutorial, we’re going to learn how to customize Microsoft Launcher widgets completely. Including adding a widgets in Microsoft Launcher.

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Microsoft Launcher Widgets Page

Before adding widgets in Microsoft Launcher, it’s good to know how Microsoft Launcher widget page works.

To open Microsoft Launcher widgets page, swipe left from the home screen. You will see 3 pages (Glance, News, and Timeline). The Glance itself is widget page, but you can also freely use News and Timeline page which contain news and timeline about the stuff you’ve done on PC (if you use OneDrive connected to Windows 10). Don’t want to use Bing News? You can add Google Search bar widget instead.

opening widget

You can tap the three dots of each box in widget page, tap the option to either hide the card or edit it. You can hide it to make it looks simpler. You can add your own card to this page later.

change widget in microsoft launcher

You can also personalize your news and timeline appearance.

microsoft launcher news and timeline

How to Add, Remove, and Customize Microsoft Launcher Widget Cards

Microsoft Launcher also contain Calendar card, sync from your Microsoft account. It also has Tasks card, which is To-Do List developed by Microsoft that you can also download on Play Store. Technically you won’t see the Tasks card if you don’t use To-Do List.

change another widget

Sticky Notes. This is the feature where all sticky notes you made on OneNote shows. This is great for anybody who use OneNote, wanting to see their sticky notes directly from widget page of Microsoft Launcher.

turn on note in widget microsoft launcher

Microsoft Launcher also has Screen Time feature on its widget page. This works like iOS screen time feature, showing you what apps you’re spending time on. To enable screen time, tap Turn on screen time. This will add screen time card on the page.

microsoft launcher adding new widget

Then, choose Microsoft Launcher. Tap Permit usage access, making it from gray to blue.

enabling widget microsoft launcher

That’s it. Now you’ve screen time, telling you how much time you spend with your phone. The card has been added.

screen time on microsoft launcher widget

How to Add New Widgets in Microsoft Launcher Widget Page

Adding widget in Microsoft Launcher is easy. Just tap Edit this view. Then, it will show any card you want to show/hide. To add new widget, tap Add widget.

adding new widget

Then, choose any widget you want to show. Microsoft Launcher will probably ask your permission to put something on the widget page.

choose new widget

If you see the permission message, just tap Create and then it will shows on Microsoft Launcher widget page.

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confirming a new widget

You can customize the appearance of the widget you just added. Tap the widget and then tap ResizePaddingRemove, or any option you want to change.

widget added

How to Change the Theme of Microsoft Launcher Widget

This tutorial isn’t just telling you how to add widgets, but also how to change the theme of the widget page.

Microsoft Launcher also provide you some ways to change the entire theme, including theme that determine how widget looks. Unfortunately Microsoft Launcher doesn’t provide a feature where you can change only the widget looks and not the entire Microsoft Launcher feature.

To change the theme of the widget and all feature, tap Launcher Settings in the home screen. Tap Themes to open the themes.

microsoft launcher widget home screen options

From here, you can completely change the theme of Microsoft Launcher. You can choose: System theme, dark theme, light theme, and transparent theme of widget and the entire launcher app. Amazingly, you can also customize how much blur of the background is, either to apply blur to all screen, and to change the accent color.

dark mode

To change the accent color of widget and entire launcher app, tap it, and then choose any color you want.

widget become dark mode

Tadaa! Now Microsoft Launcher has changed its theme from default to dark. Now it looks cooler than before, isn’t it?

choosing accent color for widget

And, this is the final look of Microsoft Launcher theme changes.

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dark mode microsoft launcher

It is pretty easy to add widgets, edit card, and completely customize the widget page of Microsoft Launcher app, for those who haven’t tried it yet, you may want to download it right away from the Play Store.

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