How To Appear Offline on Nintendo Switch Quickly

Nintendo Switch by default shows your online status to all friends. Here’s how to appear offline on Nintendo Switch to protect your privacy.

how to appear offline on nintendo switch

Playing a game on a console shouldn’t concern your privacy at all. But Nintendo Switch makes it difficult to do so since by default your online status can be seen easily. Here’s how to appear offline on Nintendo Switch.

Nintendo makes it easy for your friends to see whether you’re online on Switch. But sometimes, you want to spend time alone playing games without anyone notice you. Nintendo also shows your playing activity.

Fortunately, you can disable both to hide games you played and your online status.

How to appear offline on Nintendo Switch

Turn on your Nintendo Switch. Press the Home button to go to the home screen. There is going to be your profile picture. Select it to open your profile page.

Select the User settings tab which is located at the left sidebar. Select the Friend settings option.

When the Friend settings section is opened, select the Display online status to option.

Here, you are going to choose who can see your online status on Nintendo Switch. You can simply select No one to completely appear offline on Switch, or, select Best friends so you can appear online for best friends and appear offline to the rest of your friends.

If you selected No one, you are completely appearing offline to all friends, including on Fortnite. You can go back to your home screen now and play some games.

How to disable play activity on your Switch profile page

Although you have disabled the online status that makes you appear offline to all friends, you can still be seen by reading your play activity. Fortunately, there is a way to hide your play activity so you can protect your privacy more.

To do this, go to your profile page. Select User settings.

Select Play activity settings.

When the Play activity settings section is opened, select the Display play activity to option.

Select No one.

Your online status now is invisible to all friends, including your play activity. You can now enjoy playing games on your Nintendo Switch without your friends seeing you online and your play activity.

Image by Alvaro Reyes

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