How to Backup WhatsApp on iPhone & Android So You Won’t Lose Messages, Pictures, and Media

But not all users are tech-savvy enough to know how to backup WhatsApp on iPhone or Android. If you want to learn more, here’s simple way to do that.

include videos to be backed up in whatsapp

WhatsApp has many simple features and are being used for more than billions of users. People now messages, calls, video calls, and create stories using WhatsApp. But not all users are tech-savvy enough to know how to backup WhatsApp on iPhone or Android, because it is important to backup messages, photos, media, phone number/contact and even voice messages.

In this tutorial, we’re going to cover how to backup WhatsApp, whether you use iPhone or Android, Google Drive or iCloud or local, and how to restore them.

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Why Is It Important to Backup WhatsApp Messages?

Backing up WhatsApp data is important because there’s no guarantee that you can keep the same Android phone or iPhone for long period of time. There’s always bad thing happen to every phone user and losing your phone doesn’t just cost you money but also time and data. Money can be made, however, data can’t be restored.

That’s why backing up WhatsApp messages is really important. You can choose to backup WhatsApp message and data whenever you want, doing it manually or automatically, and where you want to save the backup file.

Backup process need internet connection, which mean you will have to manage whether you want to use mobile data or Wi-Fi when proceed to backup your WhatsApp messages, photos, voice messages, and the rest data including profile picture.

In this tutorial, we’ll cover in detail how to backup WhatsApp, from messages, photos, voice messages, to the rest of WhatsApp data you have. Whether you use WhatsApp or WhatsApp Business app, it doesn’t matter. The steps stay the same.

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How to Backup WhatsApp on Android

How to Backup Normal WhatsApp Messages

First, open WhatsApp or WhatsApp Business app (both are the same anyway).

Open three dots button at the corner. Tap Settings.

how to backup whatsapp

Then, tap Chats and tap Chat backup.

whatsapp setting page to backup

Tap Backup to start backing up your WhatsApp messages and data. However, this backup process only include chats, voice messages, and pictures.

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here's how to backup whatsapp using the green button

If you want to backup videos as well, you need to check Include videos at the bottom.

include videos to be backed up in whatsapp

How to Manually Backup WhatsApp Photos to Google Drive

You can manually backup WhatsApp photos to Google Drive instead of relying on WhatsApp backup feature. This will give some people a relief because they backup their picture earlier than the automatic feature does.

Doing this doesn’t require a lot of work actually. You probably already have Google Drive app on your Android phone.

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To manually backup WhatsApp photos to Google Drive, select pictures in WhatsApp > Media folders. Tap Send and tap Send to Drive.

backup whatsapp picture manually to google drive

Then, you will have to tap Save to back them up to Google Drive. Google Drive will then proceed to start the backup process of your WhatsApp pictures.

backup to google drive started

How to Manually Backup WhatsApp Voice Message and Convert Them to MP3

You have probably thought that you can’t manually backup WhatsApp voice message and convert them to MP3. Well, it’s actually not impossible to convert WA voice notes to MP3 and save them to another location. All you need to have is WhatsApp app with some voice notes/messages, internet connection, and an online audio converter.

First, you have to check where your voice notes/messages are. By default, WhatsApp stores in WhatsApp > Media > WhatsApp Voice Notes.

how to backup whatsapp voice message notes

Now, open an online audio converter. Tap Choose files to choose voice notes you would like to convert and save.

convert whatsapp voice message to mp3

Search for voice message files. The website will then convert your WhatsApp voice notes to MP3.

backup whatsapp voice message

Now, you can then open that WhatsApp voice notes and play it.

how to backup whatsapp

How to Backup WhatsApp Phone Number/Contact using Built-In Phone App

Android has already Phone which is built-in phone manager app that also manage your contacts. There’s a feature letting you to export contacts, and import contacts, to any cloud service or apps. You can also backup WhatsApp contact using this app.

To do this, open Phone app. Select three dots button at the corner, then tap Import/Export contacts. You can choose to export the contact to storage or to SIM card. You can choose Share contacts to open app to share to, including Google Drive. Tap Share to Drive.

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how to backup to google drive

Now, to choose a title and choose Google Drive account you want to share to.

how to backup whatsapp contact or phone number

How to Backup WhatsApp on iPhone

Backing up WhatsApp data on iPhone require some different steps, but basically they’re similar with Android.

To do this, just open WhatsApp app.

Then open Settings > Chats > Chat backup.

You can then now backup WhatsApp data on iPhone using iCloud. That backup process include photos, messages, and voice messages.

What If You Change Where You Save Backup

WhatsApp doesn’t allow you to change where you save backup, it only allows you whether you want to choose cloud service as additional backup method or not.

WhatsApp mainly allow you to backup file to local. This happens when you uninstall WhatsApp and then get back in the same phone. When you change to another phone, however, you will lose that data and you can’t restore any messages.

How to Change Where You Save the Backup

WhatsApp has simple backup feature, as we know it. WhatsApp also provide you an option to stop backing up data. You can do this but it is not really recommended to stop backup feature.

How to Stop Backup WhatsApp Method to iCloud

To stop backup feature on WhatsApp to iCloud, just open Settings > iCloud > iCloud Drive. Scroll to bottom, then uncheck WhatsApp.

How to Stop Backup WhatsApp to Google Drive

You can also stop backup feature on WhatsApp in Android.

Open WhatsApp. Tap Chat then tap Chat backup.

how to disable backup whatsapp feature

From here, just tap Back up to Google Drive. Tap Never.

disable google drive icloud backup whatsapp

How to Restore WhatsApp Backup (Android and iOS)

Once you have backed up WhatsApp data including the messages, you can then restore them back whenever you want. Most people restore their WhatsApp data when they remove/uninstall the app, and then get back to it. The restoring process happen when you register to WhatsApp with the same phone number.

Tap Agree and Continue. Enter your phone number. Tap Next. WhatsApp will then provide you a way to verify the number.

how to restore whatsapp backup

In this process, WhatsApp will detect backup data from your Google Drive or iCloud account that is mounted in your device (Android or iPhone). Tap Continue, then tap Allow, tap Restore when you WhatsApp found any backup file.

restoring whatsapp backup and data

Restoring WhatsApp backup is being proceed. Tap Next until you finish the registration.

easy way to restore

Now, you can then manage backup method and finally messages your friend again using WhatsApp.

whatsapp has been restored

You can prevent something bad happen in the future by protecting yourself, and one of the way is to backup WhatsApp on Android and iPhone, using Google Drive and iCloud, and backing up voice messages and picture. You can restore them any time, too.

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