How to Turn Off, Stop, & Block Ads on Instagram (Android/iPhone/PC)

Instagram has become one of the most popular social media all over the globe. It gains revenue by showing ads that are relevant to you. The same works with Facebook and other social media. If you find them inappropriate, learn how to block ads on Instagram completely on Android and iPhone.

Can you block ads on Instagram?

You can block and get rid of particular ads on Instagram by manually hiding them and marking them as inappropriate or irrelevant. Instagram allows you to hide ads when you find them irrelevant to help Instagram shows more relevant ones.

How do Instagram ads work?

Instagram sponsored ads work by tracking your activities on the platform. If you tend to engage in more interactions, such as liking or commenting, in a footwear online store on Instagram, you will more likely to get footwear ads like shoes.

Instagram doesn’t just get the data by tracking your activities. But also by tracking you on other websites that are owned by the same company Facebook. You also probably see similar ads on Instagram that also show on Facebook.

But, there’s more you probably didn’t know: Facebook has Facebook Exchange.

Facebook Exchange is a retargeting service made by Facebook. This service allows advertisers to track browsing habits so that they can show more relevant ads to different people with different browsing habits.

For example, if you recently searched “shoes” in Google multiple times, you might find shoe ads on Facebook, that will also show on Instagram. At first, you might think this is inappropriate, tracking users to show more relevant ads. However, most websites today ask for consent whether you want to enable cache tracking or not.

While using the best ad blocker for Chrome might work to ban some ads, Instagram on the web doesn’t really show ads. They only show the most ads on their mobile apps.

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Can you stop seeing all ads completely on Instagram?

It’s unfortunate that there’s no way to ban or block or hide Instagram ads completely inside the app. As long as you use Instagram, you will see ads between posts, stories, and other parts of the Instagram app. However, you can always hide some ads that you don’t like.

While blocking sponsored ads on Instagram permanently is impossible, you can limit ads, and block irrelevant or repetitive ads on Instagram completely. This doesn’t guarantee the result of seeing less irrelevant ads, but you can at least help the algorithm to show better ads that you might like.

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How do I block ads on Instagram on Android and iPhone?

You can block ads by taping the three-dots button, selecting Hide ad, and selecting which reason you want to hide the ad. Instagram will show a message “You won’t see this ad again”.

You can get rid of ads every time you see Instagram ads. Whether you see it on your feeds or story, you can ban or hide, or block ads on Instagram using the same method here. Detailed steps by steps are explained below:

To do this, simply open your Instagram apps. Login with your account.

  1. Once you find an ad, tap the kebab (three-dots vertical button) button on the right side of the profile’s username.
  2. Tap Hide Ad.
  3. Instagram will ask you why you don’t want to see this ad. You can choose It’s irrelevantI see it too often, or It’s inappropriate. 
  4. You’ll see a message that says “You won’t see this ad again”, meaning you have successfully blocked an ad.

Instagram will show more relevant ads every time you block ads using this method. Instagram almost shows no irrelevant ads after you block the ads using this method multiple times.

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Will you see Instagram ads on PC/web?

Instagram on the web doesn’t show as many ads as it does on the mobile app on Android and iPhone. Whether you visit the website on a PC or mobile browser, in any kind of browser.

Using the web version may block or hide some ads, but Instagram web features aren’t as advanced and complete as an Instagram app. You may find Instagram web drain more internet data usage simply because the browser has to load all the features required to show on the web.

However, if you’re the kind of person who would prefer no ads (or fewer ads), there’s no other solution than this. You can use the PC or mobile web version and you can still send messages, comments, and more.

Instagram doesn’t make it possible to block ads permanently inside the app. But, there’s still something you can do about it.

You can use the above methods to reduce irrelevant or inappropriate ads as much as possible in the app. Or, you can use the web version if you want to get rid of sponsored ads on Instagram completely.

5 thoughts on “How to Turn Off, Stop, & Block Ads on Instagram (Android/iPhone/PC)”

    1. Me too….they are ultra annoying. I don’t mind the occasional ad as they need yo make money but I’m seeing about 10 ads to every 1 post!

  1. When ads are every 3 posts reporting them is more effort than scanning past them.
    The increase in ads since covid is annoying

  2. I’m getting dozens of ads a day, maybe hundreds. I’ve never made it to the bottom of the pile. This routine has been totally ineffective in reducing or limiting ads. And I’m not on Facebook, and don’t believe I’ve ever clicked on an ad on Instagram. If all I can do I’d delete them, the annoyance with Instagram far outweighs any “benefits.”

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