How to Block Someone on Reddit in Two Ways

Reddit might be a little different upon providing users to block someone, but you can still do it easily. Here’s how to block someone on Reddit.

Reddit is also a social media that allows you to get rid of someone else you don’t want, and prevent them from contacting you again. Here’s how to block someone on Reddit.

Blocking someone on Reddit means you prevent them from sending you a chat request and private message. It’s a little different from social media, but it does work for never arguing with the same Redditor again.

How to block someone on Reddit

To do this, simply click the down arrow, and click User settings.

how to block someone on reddit

Here, click the Safety & Privacy.

safety and privacy in reddit

On People You’ve Blocked, simply write the username you want to block. Click Add to block them.

people you've blocked reddit

Once a Reddit user has been blocked, you will see a message saying that “[username] is now blocked”.

is now blocked message on reddit

To unblock someone on Reddit, simply click Remove.

remove button

How to block someone on Reddit through the message

There’s another way to block someone on Reddit. Simply click the message icon.

message button

Here, find the interaction of which you interact with the Reddit user you want to block. Click Block user.

block reddit user

When you see a message asking whether you are sure to block that user on Reddit, click Yes.

confirm to block

Sometimes there are annoying Reddit users that you don’t want to interact with anymore. The good thing is Reddit provides you a blocking feature, so they can’t send you a message anymore. You can also delete your Reddit account if you want to stop using it altogether.

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