How to Change Android Keyboard Back to Normal

Android’s default keyboard might be enough, and going back to it might be a better idea than using a third-party keyboard.

how to change android keyboard back to normal

While Android has its own default keyboard, you might want to change it to another one to try new features the default keyboard might not offer.

You see, there are some best keyboard apps for Android you can download. One of them is Swiftkey. It’s nice-looking, easy to use, and provides more features than the default Android keyboard, like the availability to send text from Android to Windows and vice versa. It’s also available on iOS.

However, third-party keyboard apps aren’t always better for some, so you might want to use the default one.

If you’re new to Android and have trouble trying to go back to the default keyboard, don’t worry, this post will help you to change the Android keyboard back to normal or to the default keyboard which might be better than the one you’re using right now.

Reasons you need to change back to the default, normal Android keyboard

Android’s default keyboard, which is Gboard, is free and doesn’t require any special permissions. Highly customizable, you can tweak it to your liking. It supports gestures, making typing faster and easier.

It is also offering robust predictive text and autocorrect features, it is constantly being updated with the latest features and improvements.

How to change your Android keyboard back to normal

Switching back the keyboard on Android is easy. You can do that on the Settings app. Under Languages & input, select Current keyboard, and then switch to the default Android keyboard.

Here are the detailed steps:

  1. Simply go to the Settings. Then tap Additional to change android keyboard back to normal
  2. Now, choose Languages & input, which is where the keyboard settings are.switch android keyboard to default
  3. Choose Current Keyboard. At the bottom, it shows your current keyboard.language and input android
  4. Now, the Change keyboard menu appears. You can choose any kind of keyboard, including the default Android keyboard. For some Android smartphones, Gboard is their default keyboard.change keyboard

Download Gboard on Play Store

Download Swiftkey on Play Store

Changing your Android keyboard is easy, but some find it difficult to switch back to their default keyboard or the normal keyboard. Using the above methods, you should not find it harder to change your Android keyboard to a normal one.

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