How to Change Android Keyboard Language Pretty Quickly

Android has many different languages for the virtual keyboard. Here’s how to change Android keyboard language to any language you want.

android keyboard language has been changed

Android has many different languages for the virtual keyboard. But, with the wrong language, you will have a hard time typing on your phone. Here’s how to change Android keyboard language to any language you want. Even if you use Android’s default keyboard.

By default, Android comes with the QWERTY keyboard with the English language (US). This leaves a problem for a foreigner who doesn’t want to use English, want to use their native language’s spell checker, or need to type another type of writing systems like Arabic’s abjad or Chinese logographic.

You can add more keyboard languages, like Japanese that comes with Japanese character, for instance, and change the Android keyboard language into new languages. Even better, you can combine those languages’ spell checkers and switch quickly to another type of writing system.

How to Change Android Keyboard Languages: The First Steps

The first thing to do before changing the default keyboard language is to open the Settings app and choose which keyboard you want to change the language on.

Some Android phones have Gboard as its default keyboard app. Some have their smartphone brand’s keyboard, like Xiaomi or Samsung. Some deliberately install third-party keyboard app like Swiftkey, which I think personally better than the rest keyboard apps.

Download Swiftkey on Play Store

Download Gboard on Play Store

These keyboards will also apply to all your Android apps, including WhatsApp app. The same works if you change the language to another one.

Open the Settings app. Choose Additional settings.

how to change android keyboard language

Now, choose Languages & input.

additional settings android

Here, you can choose which language you want to use for the default keyboard. Choose Languages.

languages and input android

If you use another keyboard app, read on.

How to Change Gboard Keyboard Languages

Gboard is a nice keyboard app with Google’s Material design. It allows you to change the keyboard languages pretty easily through the Settings. You can also write multilingually.

On the Settings app, just tap Gboard.

languages and input android

Now tap Languages

settings languages

Choose Add keyboard.

add languages for keyboard on android

Scroll down and choose which keyboard language you would like to Install.

add keyboard

Choose which keyboard style you want. Check Multilingual typing if you want to combine the spell checker. Tap Done.

change to indonesian keyboard

Now, you will see you have added a new language for Gboard keyboard on Android.


You can test your keyboard by typing anywhere and see if the multilingual typing works.

How to Change Swiftkey Keyboard Languages and Combine Them

You can literally combine more than two keyboard languages (with the same writing system) and quickly switch between writing system (from Latin alphabet to Arab abjad for instance) using Swiftkey.

On the Settings app, just tap Swiftkey Keyboard.

languages and input android

Choose Languages.

swiftkey keyboard change language

Now, you can tap All languages to see all keyboard languages that are available to download.

change language keyboard on swiftkey

You can also search for it directly. Tap to install the new keyboard language.

install japanese keyboard on android

Tap Download.

downloading japanese keyboard

Now, the new keyboard language is being downloaded.

languages on swiftkey

Once done, you will see that the new language with its writing system has its own tab on the Swiftkey keyboard. You can switch between them pretty quickly.

android keyboard language has been changed

Android mainly comes with an English QWERTY keyboard, and some people struggle to change the language keyboard and its writing system to another. But that’s fine. You can add a new language and change the default keyboard language pretty easily on the Settings app.

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