How to Change Contact Name in WhatsApp (Updated 2020)

open whatsapp app to change contact name

WhatsApp is one of the most popular messaging tool on the planet. It has more than 1.5 billion active users per month, making it the number one app that connect people despite social media trending. But not all of billions of users understand how to use WhatsApp, including to change contact name.

In this article, we’re going to learn how to change contact name in WhatsApp. Changing other people’s name in WhatsApp is sometimes important to make it easier to remember their names, for instances. Or, to save your customer’s data through WhatsApp Business app, so you can distinguish between your customers’ WhatsApp number and your friends’.

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How to Change WhatsApp Contact Name

Changing other people’s name in WhatsApp is easy. Just open the WhatsApp app, and then tap desired contact that you have chat with, that you want to change the contact name from.

open whatsapp app to change contact name

Then, tap those three dots at the corner and tap View contact to view the detail information of that WhatsApp contact. In that detailed view, you can change the contact name.

open a contact in whatsapp

Now, you will see a bunch of information about the contact. Unfortunately, you can’t change the contact name directly from WhatsApp app. You have to open their address book first, it’s where you save their number in the default Contact app. To open the one you want to change right away, just tap that three dots at the corner, then tap View in address book.

open their whatsapp contact book

Now that this guy’s contact has been opened in address book, I can then change this guy’s name on contact. Just type the new name on the Name text box form, then tap the check mark button at the corner to save.

changing their whatsapp contact name

Once it’s done, that guy’s new name will be shown in your WhatsApp app soon enough. If it doesn’t, try restart WhatsApp (just close and open it again). For later, to change contact name, just change directly in address book, so it doesn’t really take so much times to do that.

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contact book

Can I Just Change WhatsApp Contact Name without Having to Open It in Address Book?

Unfortunately, there’s no way to do this. WhatsApp still doesn’t allow users to change the other user name without having to open their contact in address book and change their name in address book. This is a bit turn off for some people, because others messaging tools don’t rely on actual address book’s contact name to name users in their app, like Messenger or LINE.

But, WhatsApp has free sticker feature, though, you can even create your own stickers. Chatting in WhatsApp is very simple and doesn’t provide any unnecessary features that most users just don’t use.

You’ve learned how to edit contact name in WhatsApp. Changing contact name helps you to remember their name in unique way, describing who the person is so you don’t mistakenly chat someone you don’t intent to chat with just because their name is similar. If you have a question, leave it in the comment below.

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