How To Change Em Client Avatar and Make It Visible

Your avatar or profile picture on email messages. But you might not see it. Here’s how to change the Em Client avatar and make it visible.

em client email message with avatar

There are many email clients, but some people prefer this one called Em Client to manage their emails. One feature that stands out is the availability of showing avatars from external sources. Here’s how to change the Em Client avatar and show it.

But, not everyone knows that they can change their email account avatar or profile picture that shows on Em Client. Not everyone also knows how to make it visible.

You have changed your profile picture on Google or your email provider, but it still hasn’t changed on Em Client. It also still isn’t visible. Having an avatar shown on your email message makes it a lot easier to identify whose email is whose.

How to change Em Client avatar and make it visible

To do this, simply go to Gravatar. Sign up for a Gravatar account. If you already have one, you can simply sign in with the same email you use on Em Client. Then, change your avatar.

Now, you won’t see your avatar changes or is visible on Em Client. Em Client usually downloads a new avatar every 30 days. But you can force it to download the recent one by doing this method.

Open Em Client. Select Menu. Select Settings.

how to change em client avatar

Here, select the Contacts tab. Under Avatars, uncheck the Download avatars from external sources. Select Apply.

download avatars from external sources

Now, your email message will refresh on its own, showing no avatar. Because you have disabled it. Now, you have to enable it again to show the current avatar.

Check Download avatars from externals sources. Select OK.

saving em client settings

You’ll finally see the current avatar on Em Client. Now you can easily identify which is your email message when reading and writing emails. The above method also downloads current avatars of other contacts or people too.

em client email message with avatar

Em Client is personally the most convenient email client. Some users might have trouble setting up an avatar for their email account attached to the Em Client app. The above method should fix the problem.

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