Here’s Top 3 Ways on How to Change Google Chrome Background

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Google Chrome has become one of the most popular browser. It has a homepage, tab, and other elements that make it look good. But, for some users, Google Chrome appearance is a little boring, and it needs some tweaks. Here’s how to change Google Chrome background, including on homepage, tab, and other possible elements.

The only way you can change your Google Chrome background is by installing new theme, changing your Windows 10 theme color that affects Google Chrome tab appearance, and installing an extension that can change Google Chrome background on the homepage.

Don’t worry, that’s going to be easy. You just need to follow our guide. Keep reading.

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How to Change Google Chrome Background on Homepage

how to change google chrome background

The first thing you want to change on Chrome is probably a homepage. Google Chrome got a nice looking, simple homepage with white background and Google logo on it. It has been like this for over a decade.

You might think that this Google Chrome background on the homepage is really boring. Well, if you think it is and you have desire to install a third-party extension that can let you change the background easily, you can do this.

One of the best Chrome extension that can change background on the homepage is Momentum.

Download Momentum on Chrome Web Store

Momentum is simply a replacement for your boring, white background homepage. It really got nice background, obviously, with a high definition wallpaper of landscape. On the center of the screen, it has a big white clock and a text asking you “What is your main focus for today?”.

At the left-bottom corner of your screen, you will get the location of the wallpaper captured. At the right-bottom corner, you can put your to-do list on Momentum, that syncs with Momentum account.

At the right-upper screen, there’s the temperature and your location. At the left-upper screen, there’s a list of link that you can think of as a bookmark menu.

Momentum doesn’t just change Google Chrome background, but also change the way the new tab page and homepage look and function.

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How to Change Google Chrome Background Color on the Tabs

change background on google chrome

Tabs in the elements of Google Chrome that looks differently that any browser. It looks familiar and we get used to the appearance of the background. If you think that Google Chrome background on the tabs look boring, you can change that using simple method.

If You Want to Change Background on Chrome without Extension

If you use Windows 10, you can change Google Chrome background on the tabs easily using the Settings app.

Open the Settings app through Start menu.

how to change google chrome background image

Go to Personalization.

settings app to change windows 10 and google chrome background color on tabs

Choose Color. Now, this is where you can change the color of all windows of all software. You can even use dark more for Chrome indirectly through this section of Settings app.

choose color specifically for chrome background

You can choose many available color on Windows 10 that will be applied for Google Chrome. This is amazing for people who want to change color of their operating system.

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How to Change Google Chrome Background Color to Dark

You just need to change Windows 10 or Mac settings from light to dark. This will apply for all apps, including Google Chrome. This is amazingly great because you don’t have to install third-party them to change Google Chrome background to dark.

To do this, open Settings app. Go to Personalization. Choose Color.

Then, choose Dark.

choose dark theme for chrome background tabs

This will change the background of Chrome tabs to dark.

How to Change Background Color on Chrome to Any Color using Theme

If you don’t like above method, you probably need to install third-party theme for Chrome to choose background color your own. This is great if you prefer advanced color that you specifically want to use on Chrome background.

On Chrome, click the kebab menu button at right-upper corner. Click Settings.

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kebab button on google chrome

Then, choose Appearance.

change google chrome background through theme

Scroll a little down, and then choose Themes.

installing new theme for google chrome

It will open a Chrome Web Store page that shows you a list of available themes for Chrome that will change the background of the browser.

google chrome change background

You can download and install themes that are published by Chrome itself, or you can use third-party themes that will change Google Chrome background in more advanced way.

How to Change Chrome Background Color on Android to Dark

If you use Android, there’s a good news for advanced users: you can change Google Chrome background color to dark in Android. You can even change and force all websites to use dark theme if you want, but that’s another story. Now, let’s jump into the method that can change Chrome background to dark. Here’s how.

To do this, open your Chrome app on Android. Now, visit Flags page at chrome://flags. Type it in the address bar, press enter.

change google chrome to dark in android

Search for android chrome and you will find Android Chrome UI dark mode option. This is the stuff that can enable and disable the dark mode for Chrome in Android. This will change Google Chrome background to dark.

flags page in chrome android

Tap the Default button. Choose Enabled to enable dark mode.

chrome android

Tap Relaunch to apply all those changes in Chrome.

relaunch chrome

Now, tap kebab button at the corner and tap Settings.

google chrome light theme on android

Now, tap Themes. Choose Dark to finally enable dark mode on Chrome in Android. This will automatically change the background of Chrome without the need to restart the app.

background change google chrome

You’ve now learned how to change Google Chrome background on tabs, homepage, new tab page, and themes. You can also do the same in Chrome Android. But, you won’t get all advanced features on Android. For instance, you cannot install third-party themes for Chrome in Android. You can only get new themes if you use Chrome on PC or Mac.

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