How to Change Instagram Password If You Forgot It (With/Without Email)

If you don't remember it, learn how to change your Instagram password if you have a few options to reset it to get access to your account.

How to Change Instagram Password If You Forgot It (With/Without Email)

If you forgot your Instagram password, there's no other alternative other than changing your password by requesting the reset link to your email.But, sometimes that process isn't easy.Here's how to change your Instagram password if you forgot it (linked Facebook account or not). Preventing Instagram account from getting hacked is important, especially if you have noticed something suspicious in your account.

Instagram itself provides a simple way to change your password as quickly as possible. However, some people experience difficulty during the process.They don't connect their Facebook account to Instagram, lose phone or email, and other reasons that make it really hard to change your Instagram password and to eventually get back your Instagram account. But don't worry, there are some suggestions you can do to change your Instagram password if you forgot it, especially if you're already getting stuck on the login screen. If you remember it, you probably should change the password as soon as possible to prevent further problems like getting hacked.

How to Change Password from Instagram App Directly If You Remember the Password

If you still remember your password, it is even easier to change the password.You can do this in the Instagram app, on any device, whether that would be an Android, iPhone, or iPad. Open the Instagram app.

Go to your profile.Tap the hamburger button at the top.Then tap Settings. how to change password for instagram Now, tap Security.

Here, you can change everything about your Instagram security.Including clearing search history on Instagram.To change the password, tap Password. how to change your password on instagram Now, insert your old or current password.

If you save your Instagram password in your Google account, you can instantly insert or enter the password without having to remember it.Next, insert your new password twice. how to change instagram password if you forgot it Tap the checkmark button at the top if you're done. instagram change password inside the app You've changed your Instagram password in Android/iPhone.However, this might not solve your problem if you forgot the password and can't log in to your account.

How to Change Instagram Password If You Forgot it

Just like other apps or services, you're allowed to change your password on Instagram if you forgot it, as long as you still remember your email/phone/Facebook account and have access to it. There are two methods to this.

The first one is by entering your email address/phone.The second one is by entering your username, which then will lead you to change your Instagram password through the reset link sent to either your email or phone (using OTP). The second one is useful if you just don't remember your email address or phone number, but still remember your Instagram username.If you don't remember your username, you can jump to the next section of this tutorial. But for now, let's change the password.

Change Password using Email/Phone Number

Open your Instagram app.

Now go to your profile.Tap the hamburger button at the top.Next, tap Settings. change instagram password from the app Tap Security.

Tap Password. instagram settings page Now tap Forgot Password.You will see a message saying that the reset link has been sent to your email, along with your email address. send login link to change instagram password You can then open your email account.Go to the inbox and check email from Instagram.

Tap the link to reset or change your password.

Change Password without Email/Phone Number (using Username Instead)

Instagram allows you to change your password without the email.Instead of using an email or phone number, you can use your username.However, this still requires you to access your email inbox. You can go to Instagram web.

Tap Forgot password.Now, enter your username or email.Tap Send Login Link. instagram login form Instagram will then inform you that a reset link has been sent to your email.

Instagram will also tell you which email they sent the reset link to. forgot password instagram android iphone Now that you've received the email from Instagram, open the email and then tap Reset Password.Enter your new password.Tap Reset Password to change it with your new password. opening email login link to change instagram password Resetting your Instagram password may solve some people's problems if they still have access to their phone or email addresses.

But, you may lose access to your email or phone because of some reason. Instagram actually provides some suggestions you can do about this problem.However, these suggestions aren't really effective solutions.But still, these can help some people to increase their chances to get back their Instagram account thus changing their password.

How to Change Password without Email, Facebook Account, or Phone Number

Here are some suggestions from Instagram to change your password without email, Facebook account, or phone number.

Try to Get Access to Your Mobile Phone

Your carrier most likely provides a solution where you lost your SIM card while keeping your phone number.

You can go to their store and ask for the solution to this problem.The carrier will swap your number to a new SIM card as long as you still have your identity information which is required to verify that you're the person owning the phone number. This solution really helps many people who lost their phone, thus making them losing their Instagram account.Your Instagram account can be accessed back once you get your SIM card back and verify your Instagram account through the OTP, then change the password as soon as possible.

Try to Get Access to Your Email

Some email provider offers a solution to a problem where you forgot your email address's password, losing your email or your email is getting hacked.

Different contexts of the problem may require different things to give you the solution. Email providers offer you to reset your email password, too, as long as you still remember other communication methods to verify that you're the owner of that email, like phone verification.Gmail has other methods, like using other email addresses (which you also own) to get back your primary email address.

If You Can Still Login, Try Changing Your Instagram Email

If you can still log in to your Instagram account and you forgot your email password or can't access your email, you have to change your Instagram email as soon as possible to prevent losing access to your Instagram account after you log out (and don't log out!). Some browsers save your website's password so you can still access it even if you forgot the password.The same way when you use the Instagram app (and if you're synced to a Google account or iCloud account to save your password). Open your Instagram app.

Go to your profile.Tap Edit Profile.Change your email address by tapping the old email address. instagram login email Now, change the old email to a new one that you've access to.

Tap the checkmark button at the top to save changes. change email on instagram

What to Do If Your Email & Phone Can't Be Accessed and You Lost Your Instagram Account

You've done the above solutions, but there's nothing work to get back to your account to change the password.At this point, the only solutions are these:

Create a New Instagram Account

Creating a new Instagram account sucks a lot.You may lose your followers and you need to promote your Instagram account again to get your followers back.

You need to do other things like uploading your photos again and informing your friends to follow you. This may suck but if this is the only solution, then just do it.

Get Help from Instagram

You can, however, get back your Instagram account if you forgot your password, your email/phone, and can't access your email/phone.Instagram offers some solutions in many contexts like the things you should do if your account is getting hacked and you want to get it back. You can find this in the Instagram login form.Tap Get help signing in.

Tap Need more help to see the solutions list. get help from instagram if you forgot email, phone number, or facebook account You can read each one that matches your problem.

Instagram provides several ways to change your password easily.You can change it without a username or email, or phone number easily using the above methods.But you still need to have access to one of them.

If you lost access, there's still a way to get it back like going to your carrier's store or contacting an email provider.