How to Change Launcher on Android: Setup, Customize, Set Default Launcher

Most users who aren’t tech savvy don’t understand how to change launcher, like customizing it or switching to another launcher. If you don’t, read how.

how to change launcher on android

Android is one of the most popular operating systems in the world. It has many advanced features and allows you to add a third-party launcher app and use them to customize the appearance of your Android home screen, widget page, and app drawer. It makes your Android phone feels new with new themes and customization.

Many Android launchers provide you many free features, like Microsoft Launcher. But most users who aren’t tech-savvy don’t understand how to change the launcher, like customizing it or switching to another launcher. If you’re one of them, don’t worry, you can read until the end to learn more about changing launcher.

Changing the launcher is important, and we cover everything about it. First, we’re going to talk about how to set up an Android launcher. Second, on how to switch default launchers and use more than two launchers at the same time. Third, on how to customize and change the default app.

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How to Setup Android Launcher (Change to New Launcher Instead of System)

Instead of using a boring and lame system/default launcher, you may want to use a new launcher. Changing to a new launcher requires some internet data and patience to customize it, because not all Android launchers are equal. Only a few Android launchers could provide the best feature you can get for free and easy to customize.

In this example, we’re going to use Microsoft Launcher.

This launcher is entirely free and you can download it here.

Now, just get to download the launcher app from the link above. Done it? Cool. Now open the app and you will see this. Just tap Get Started and then choose Not now.

how to change launcher in android

Changing the launcher is easy, including setting it up. Now choose your wallpaper, either current wallpaper or Bing daily wallpaper. Tap Continue.

microsoft launcher change and setup

If you have ever been using this Android launcher, you will most likely see this. If you don’t, you may have to create or log in with your Microsoft account to this launcher app. Changing from a system launcher to a new one requires a little bit of work.

setting up an android launcher to switch

Now, everything about the launcher has been set. You have done it: change Android launcher to third party app.

android launcher has been setup and changed

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How to Change and Switch Default Launcher

Don’t forget to set that launcher as default. Oftentimes, the launcher app would ask you whether you would like to choose them as default or not.

change default launcher in android

You can also do that by manually choosing the launcher from its launcher setting app in another launcher app (if you use more than one). Go to another launcher.

launcher has been setup

Tap your home screen and hold for a second. Then tap Select default launcher.

how to change launcher appearance

Choose that launcher app as default.

changing and customizing launcher theme

Or, you can do the same thing in the Settings app of your device. Open the app and then tap Home screen & Recents.

change launcher features in android

Now, choose and change the default launcher whatever you want.

change default launcher

That is how you change and switch the launcher app.

How to Change The Appearance of Your Launcher App

Now, you can also change the appearance of your launcher app. Including the row and column, icon, theme, font, app drawer, widget, and more. You can also add the Google Search bar widget to the home screen.

To do this, you have to open the launcher setting app. Tap and hold your home screen for a second. Tap Settings.

change home screen default

Now here, you can change the desktop grid which is the row of your launcher app. Also the column. In this example, we’re using Nova Launcher. Tap Home screen > desktop grid.

change how much row you have in android launcher

You can also change the icon size, label color, shadow effect, and font. Tap Icon layout right in that Home screen section of the launcher setting app.

change icon and font color

You can, amazingly, change the label color with more options. Like hue, saturation, and brightness. You can also change the font from variation. This launcher app has amazingly a lot of options to choose from and change.

change text effect launcher

Now, in this last example, you can also change the padding of your home screen. Interestingly enough, not all Android launchers provide this advanced option. Probably on this launcher app. If you don’t know what padding is, it is actually a thing to make the home screen look either wider or narrower.

how to change launcher on android

By the way, you can also add a weather widget in Android using Nova Launcher.

Now you’ve learned how to change the launcher on Android, from setting it up to the customization. If you encounter while doing this, let me know in the comment below.

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