How to Change Margins in Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word has some margin choices. Here’s how to change margins in Word, on all versions, including on Android and iPhone, also Word Online.

create custom margins in word

Microsoft World is well-known to computer users across the globe as the best word processing software. Now, Microsoft Word has entered the Android and iOS markets, so you can write and edit documents on mobile. Including managing the layout, like margins. In this tutorial, you’re going to learn how to change margins in Word.

Microsoft Word has many simple and advanced features. It has various options that let you manage the margin. You can margins in Word by using a variety of the same options, including margins to create a travel brochure with Word. Here’s how.

How to Change Margins in Word (Windows 11 & Mac)

Microsoft Word is available across platform. It is more advanced in Windows 11 and Mac. Therefore, you can do more in Word you can do in Android and iPhone. Including on changing margins, and adding comment in Word.

Here’s how to change page margins in Word:

Open Microsoft Word. Click Layout tab. Click Margins on page setup.

how to change margins in word

Once you click Margins, you will see some margin choices available for you to choose. It varies between sizes of margins, and if you don’t find the margin size you’re looking for, you can create custom margin size by clicking Custom Margins.

choosing margins in word

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Here, you can create your own custom margins. By default, Word uses inches as margin sizes (top, left, gutter, bottom, right).

editing margins in word

If you don’t want to use inches, you can use cm to change margins in Word. Now, click OK to save changes.

how to use cm in margin in word

You can also create custom margin in Word, and set that margin as default — instead of just changing margins. Click Margins at Layout tab. Click Custom margins.

choosing margins in word

Now, change margin size for all sides of your document. Once done, click Set as default. Click OK.

how to save margin setting as default in word

You can also use ruler feature to change margin size in Word. This is a lot easier than manually changing your margin. You can use ruler to change margin in Word vertically and horizontally. You can add the ruler in Word by going to View tab, and then check Ruler box.

use ruler to change margins in word

How to Change Margins in Word (Android & iPhone)

Microsoft also releases its Word app to Android and iPhone. You can use Word for free in mobile. The only thing the app require is your Microsoft account. You can create Microsoft account easily directly to login to Word app.

To change margins in Word app, open the app and then open the document. Or, you can create a new blank page. If you intent to edit, you have to click the edit button to edit the document and eventually change margins.

how to change margins in word android

Word in Android and iPhone is a little bit odd. To change margins, you have to tap the edit area and then tap the expand button that is located at the bottom of your screen.

change margins in word on iphone

Click at the tab to change the tab to Layout. There, tap Margins and you’ll see a bunch of margin sizes you can choose.

choosing margins in word android and iphone

If you don’t see your own margin sizes, you can create custom margins by tapping Custom margins.

choosing already existing margin

Enter the size of the desired margin. You can also use cm instead of inches to change margins in Word.

create custom margins in word

How to Change Margins in Word Online

Word is also released as online platform. It works nearly like Google Doc. You can also change margins in Word Online the same way you change margins in Word on desktop.

To do this, open Word Online.

Open document you want to edit margins in. Or, you can create a new blank page.

Go to Layout tab. Click Margins. If you don’t find your desired margin sizes, you can click Custom margins to create your own.

how to change margins in word online

Then, enter the sizes of your custom margin. Click OK once done.

choose custom margins in word online

Microsoft Word offers you a lot of options to manage your documents and edit them. Including to edit or change margins in Word. You can do that on all Word versions, including Word on Android and iPhone.


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