How to Change Messenger Background Theme/Color for Chat/App

clicking a messenger profile name

Facebook Messenger provides different themes for specific chats/conversations. Some find it difficult to change the themes. Here’s how to change Messenger background theme or color for the chat or the app (light or dark theme).

Messenger, just like WhatsApp and Telegram, provides a custom background for chats. But Messenger provides it for a specific chat you want.

Messenger allows you to change the background theme or color/gradient, and there are many varieties of background themes and colors/gradients you can choose for any conversation.

You can also change the Messenger app theme from light to dark or vice versa, which applies to the entire app interface. The dark mode is useful to reduce glare, especially for night use.

How to change Messenger background for chats

Switching background themes or colors for a Messenger chat is easy. Make sure you have updated your Messenger app. Download and install it if you don’t have it on your phone. This works for Android and iPhone.

Download Messenger for Android

Download Messenger for iPhone/iPad

Open the app. Sign in to your Facebook/Messenger account. Open any conversation you want to change the background color/theme for.

how to change messenger background

On the conversation/chat, simply tap the recipient’s Messenger name at the top. You can also save a video from Messenger easily here if you receive one.

clicking a messenger profile name

You’re going to see their profile picture and their name, along with buttons for voice call, video call, viewing profile, and mute. Tap Theme to change Messenger background color/theme for this conversation only.

change the messenger theme for a specific chat

You’re going to see a popup “Customize your chat” on the conversation. Tap any theme you would like to use, like Chill, TinyTAN, Love, Tie-Dye, or Monochrome. You can also select a color or gradient.

customize your chat messenger

You’re going to see the theme or color/gradient you’ve applied.

messenger theme is changed

You can also change the emoji for the conversation. Tap the recipient’s name again, and select Emoji. Select any emoji you want to use.

messenger chat emoji

How to change the Messenger app theme to dark/light theme

There are other kinds of themes, but these apply to the entire app. The dark one is good to reduce glare, and save more battery as well because it doesn’t need as much brightness level as the light does.

Open the Messenger app. Simply tap your own profile picture. Here, simply tap the Dark Mode toggle.

switch the messenger theme from light to dark

You’re going to see the dark mode immediately. You can also switch back to the light theme by tapping the toggle again.

messenger on the dark mode

This dark theme applies to the entire app. Unfortunately, the app doesn’t provide other kinds of dark themes other than this pure black theme. Unlike other apps, like Telegram, which provides different levels of dark themes.

Messenger allows you to set which theme, color, or gradient you want to use for a chat or conversation, making it easy to differentiate conversations with different vibes you want.

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