How to Change Outlook Theme on Outlook 2019, Windows 11/10 Mail App, & Android

Microsoft Outlook is a great email client app. It has some themes you might want to apply. Here’s how to change Outlook theme for Microsoft Outlook 2019, Outlook on Android/iPhone, and Windows 11/10 Mail app.

App’s interface is not enough if the app doesn’t allow users to change its theme. Instagram, WhatsApp, and Twitter now allow users to choose the dark theme. Including the Outlook app.

The Outlook app is available on Android and iPhone, too. It has simple features but is stable and reliable. It has the option to choose a dark theme. Just like the Microsoft Outlook 2019 on the desktop as well as Windows 10 Mail app (which is also based on Outlook, and you can use Gmail on Outlook, too).

You can change the theme on Outlook on Microsoft Outlook 2019, Outlook 2016, and Outlook 2013. If you use the mobile version, you should update the app through the Play Store or App Store.

How to Change Outlook Theme on Outlook 2019

Outlook 2019 is the complete version of Outlook. It has many features, and small options to change the theme. It’s easy.

Just go to the File tab.

microsoft outlook 2019 file tab

Now click the Office Account. You can choose a Colorful, Dark Gray, Black, or White theme.

microsoft outlook change theme

The appearance of your Outlook app will now change. You can also change the Outlook background, to make it more interesting.

How to Change Theme on Windows 11/10 Mail App

The Windows 10 Mail app is a simpler version of Outlook. It works better especially if you just want simplicity to manage your mail. It also has an option to change the theme. You might be able to apply the same method on Windows 11 Mail app, but with slight differences in the interface.

Open the Windows 11/10 Mail app. Click the gear icon.

windows mail app outlook change theme

Now choose Personalization.

windows 10 mail app personalization

Here’s where you can change the theme, the font, the color, and importantly, the spacing. You can choose the dark theme if you enjoy it more.

change to dark theme in outlook or windows mail app

You can also change the wallpaper in the background.

dark mode choosen

To change the font, you have to go back and click the Default Font.

change default font in microsoft outlook windows 10 mail app

You can choose any font for the Windows 11/10 Mail app. Click Save to continue.

change font

How to Change to Dark Theme on Outlook (Android and iPhone)

Outlook has a feature to change the theme in Android and iPhone versions. The better thing is that the dark theme is so much better than the light.

Open the Outlook app. Now tap the home button on the left side of “Inbox”.

Tap the gear icon at the bottom. Scroll down, then tap Theme.

outlook change settings

Now, change to dark or light depending on what you prefer. You can also choose Set by Battery Saver to choose automatically dark when you’ve enabled Battery Saver.

outlook change to light theme or dark theme

The dark theme is a great theme. It is now applied to your Outlook app.

dark theme choosen for outlook

Outlook has options to change the theme. It is available in Microsoft Outlook 2019, Outlook on Android/iPhone, and the Windows 11/10 Mail app.

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