How to Change WhatsApp Profile Picture

Changing your WhatsApp profile picture isn’t hard. It just require some taps on your smartphone. Whether you’re Android or iPhone users, here’s how.

WhatsApp has become one the most popular messaging service in a decade. It’s popular both in Android and iPhone. But still, some people just don’t know how to get out the most of WhatsApp app. Including changing their WhatsApp profile picture. Even if it was easy, people always want to know the right way to do it.

Changing your WhatsApp profile picture isn’t hard. It just require some taps on your smartphone. Whether you’re using Android or iPhone, here’s the way you can change your WhatsApp photo profile the easy way.

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How to Change WhatsApp Profile Picture (Easy Steps)

Changing your WhatsApp profile picture doesn’t require anything outside the app. Just open the WhatsApp app.

Go to CHATS tab. Tap three dots on the corner of your screen, then tap Settings.

opening whatsapp app

Now, you will see some options that lets you change any settings about WhatsApp. Including your profile picture. To change your picture, just tap your profile picture right there. Then tap that Edit button on the upper-right corner of your screen.

go to whatsapp profile

Now, you will see your complete WhatsApp profile settings. Including the way to change the profile picture. Tap your current picture then tap Gallery to choose new picture from Gallery. Or tap Camera to choose from Camera.

upload picture profile to whatsapp

Assuming you chose Gallery, now you will see the list of your albums/folder that contains your pictures. Browse through the gallery until you find one good picture as your WhatsApp profile. If you find one, just tap that picture.

whatsapp choose profile picture

After you tapped that picture, you will see that WhatsApp direct you the editor feature. This feature will let you crop any area of your picture. Tap Done if it is done. Now, you can finally tap Save to save it as your WhatsApp profile picture.

whatsapp profile picture edit and crop

If you want to change or remove the picture, just tap that Edit button and then tap Remove to remove the picture so you will only get blank profile picture. Or, tap either Gallery or Camera depending on the sources of picture you want to browse.

changing whatsapp photo profile

If you happen to remove the picture, you will receive this messages. Just tap Remove.

remove and change whatsapp profile picture

Changing your profile picture on WhatsApp isn’t hard, as well as creating your own sticker. WhatsApp has some simple feature that you should not be confused anymore about using it, including changing your profile picture. If you have some thoughts about this tutorial, leave it in the comment below.

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