How to Change WhatsApp Storage to SD Card

WhatsApp doesn’t allow you to save data to an SD card. Here’s how to change WhatsApp storage to SD card so you can have more free space on your phone.

move whatsapp to sd card start

Putting everything in your phone’s internal memory costs so much space and makes it difficult to install a new app, especially if you save your WhatsApp data on it. Here’s how to change WhatsApp storage to SD card so you can leave more space for a new app or other important data.

If you have been using WhatsApp for a long time, you know it’s a real struggle every time someone sent pictures or videos in WhatsApp, because they are saved automatically in your internal memory that doesn’t have so much space.

But then, you brought an SD card for your phone and found out that WhatsApp doesn’t really allow you to save the data in your SD card. Your phone now stuck with low free storage.

Don’t worry, there are a few solutions you can do.

How to change WhatsApp storage to SD card if your device is rooted

Rooting your Android phone might risk your device to security problems you may never want to face. However, if your device is already rooted, there is a way to change the storage of WhatsApp to SD card so it saves the WhatsApp data to SD card instead of internal memory.

One of the most popular apps to use is XInternalSD, and you can download it from the link below:

Download XInternalSD

The app was made to change the saving location from the internal memory to an external SD card. Don’t worry, you can also enable this app to only work for WhatsApp or other specific apps.

Install the app. Open the app once done and then go to the Settings page. You need to make sure that the “path to internal SD card” has the path of your external SD card. If it doesn’t, simply change it by tapping it.

If you don’t know where the path of your external SD card is, you can move a single picture to the SD card and see the detailed information of the file. There, you can see the complete path of that file, showing you where your external SD card is.

Now, tap the Enable for apps so it only works for specific apps, like WhatsApp. It displays a list of apps that you can choose to automatically save data to the SD card. Checkmark the WhatsApp.

It’s done. Now close the app then move the WhatsApp folder from your internal storage to the SD card. Restart your Android phone.

That’s all. WhatsApp will now save pictures and videos to the SD card.

If your device isn’t rooted, you might be able to backup and restore it through the SD card

You may not be able to automatically save WhatsApp data to the SD card, but you can backup WhatsApp messages and other data to leave more free storage space moving them to an SD card then restore them in your internal memory any time you want.

To do this, you’ll need a PC and MobileTrans app.

how to change whatsapp storage to sd card

Download MobileTrans

Install the app. Run the setup file, then choose Install.

mobile trans app

It might be an online installer and require an internet connection.

mobiletrans app to move whatsapp to sd card

Once done, click Start Now to run.

changing whatsapp storage to sd card

In the app, choose Transfer on WhatsApp transfer section.

whatsapp transfer

Choose Backup WhatsApp messages. It will need USB debugging to be enabled on your Android phone.

backup whatsapp and move to sd card

Click Start to start backing up your WhatsApp data.

move whatsapp to sd card start

Simply connect your phone to the PC through the USB cable. Choose File Transfer.

use usb for file transfer

Open the Settings. Go to the Additional settings then choose Developer options.

accessing android developer option

Here, enable USB debugging. Enable Install via USB as well. Choose OK to connect to the PC.

allow usb debugging

Final step: choose Install to finally connect your phone to the PC and start the backup process.

install via usb to change whatsapp storage to sd card

While WhatsApp doesn’t generally allow you to use an SD card as the default directory to save pictures, videos, or other attachments, there are few solutions you can do to change WhatsApp storage to an SD card especially if your phone is rooted.

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