How To Change Your PSN Password

There is always a time when you forget a password, and resetting it is the solution. Here’s how to change your PSN password easily.

reset your psn password

PlayStation Network doesn’t just provide a way to change your online ID, but also the password. If you ever forgot what your PSN password is, then resetting it is the way. Here’s how to change your PSN password.

Fortunately, PlayStation provides multiple ways you can reset your PlayStation Network password. But the easiest way is by using your PC or mobile browser.

You would have to have access to your email though, as well as remembering your date of birth. Without email and date of birth (unless PlayStation provides another method), you can’t change your PSN password.

How to change your PSN password

Doing this is easy. Simply visit the PlayStation website and click the Sign in button.

how to change your psn password

Click the Trouble signing in button.

psn password

There are multiple options you can do if you have problems signing in. But if you want to change your PSN password, simply select Reset your password.

reset your psn password

Enter your PSN email address. Click Send email.

email address

You will probably have to verify. Do the instruction to verify.


Once you successfully send the email, you will see this message.

enter your email

Now, check your email inbox associated with the PSN account. Click Change password.

inbox message

Here, select Continue right away if you want to choose the date of birth as the verification method.

verify method

Enter your date of birth. Select Continue.

entering date of birth

Now, enter your new password and enter it again at the next text box. Select OK.

entering your new psn password

Once you successfully reset your PSN password, you will see a message like this. Your browser will probably provide a way to save the new password.

successfully change psn password

PlayStation provides multiple ways to change your PSN password, and the easiest is probably on the website directly. Now, you can feel more secure about your PSN account with the new password.

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