3 Simplest Ways on How to Clear Search History on Instagram (2021)

clear search history in instagram

Everyone knows that Instagram has a search history feature. It works by remembering all Instagram accounts & hashtags you search so you can repeatedly visit those accounts/hashtags quickly. However, you might be afraid someone else might see them. Here’s how to clear search history on Instagram.

The search history feature is a popular feature among other services, like Amazon. You can delete Amazon’s order history and browsing history easily. All those platforms offer their own method to delete them.

Instagram has simple methods to view and clear search history. Even though it is so simple, some Instagram users who are still new don’t know how to do it. You might be confused searching for a way to clear your search history.

This method can be done in the Instagram mobile app on Android and iPhone, mobile browser, and PC/Mac browser. It’s as easy as clearing Spotify queues.

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How to Clear Search History on Instagram in Android & iPhone

Instagram has an official app on Android and iPhone. It has an easy method to clear search history on it. You can clear in two different ways:

  • clear all search history
  • clear search history individually

You can either clear all of them, or you can clear on a specific account or hashtag from search history. Both can be done in the Instagram app on Android and iPhone.

Download Instagram for Android

Download Instagram for iPhone

Open your Instagram app. Login to your account. Go to your profile. Then tap that hamburger button at the top. Tap Settings to go to Instagram settings, including to see your search history.

clear search history on instagram

Now, tap Security and then tap Search history. That’s where all your Instagram search history is.


search history

Here, you can see all of the Instagram accounts and hashtags you’ve searched on Instagram. You can clear search history individually by tapping the X button on the right side of the account or hashtag you wish to remove.

You will see that the account or hashtag has gone.

clear all

If you want to clear all Instagram search history, you can do that by tapping Clear All. Then tap Clear All again to confirm. Remember that you can’t undo the removal of search history. It will be permanently deleted.

clear search history

You’ve cleared Instagram search history in Android and iPhone.

How about Instagram on a mobile browser?

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How to Delete Search History (Instagram Mobile Browser)

Some people don’t want to use the Instagram app. They use the Instagram website in their mobile browser, like Google Chrome.

By the way, you can change Google Chrome to dark mode on Android. It is very easy to do.

Alright. Let’s get back to the main topic. Now, visit the Instagram website.

Login to your account. Go to the profile. Tap the gear button at the left, which will open the settings of Instagram.

edit profile

Tap Privacy and Security.

privacy and security

Tap View Account Data. You will see all data of your Instagram account. On “Search History”, tap View All.

instagram account data

Here’s the list of search history on the Instagram mobile browser. You can copy all of these data or delete all of them. You can’t delete Instagram search history individually here.

To delete all of them, just tap Clear Search History. Tap Yes, I’m sure.

clear search history

That’s it. You’ve deleted your search history on the Instagram mobile browser.

But, how about on Instagram PC?

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How to Remove Search History in Instagram PC

Instagram PC offers almost the same feature in the Instagram app on Android and iPhone. For example, you can send DM on Instagram PC very easily now.

Search history on Instagram PC can be seen the same way you access it on a mobile browser. Visit the Instagram website and log into your account.

Now, click the gear icon which is located on your profile page.

Now, click Privacy and Security in the menu.

instagram pc menu

Scroll a little bit, then click View Account Data.

instagram view account data menu

On “Search History”, click View All.

view search history instagram

Click Clear Search History to remove all of those search histories you want to hide.

Click Yes, I’m sure to confirm.

clear search history in instagram

Instagram provides a very easy method to clear search history which you can do on Android & iPhone app, mobile browser, and PC browser. You can clear search history individually, or you can clear all of them quickly. If you want more Instagram tutorials, you can check the homepage of this blog.

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