How to Combine Cells in Google Sheets in 4 Ways

Sometimes you need to combine the content from different cells into a new, separated cell. You can do that by merging the cells. Here’s how to combine cells in Google Sheets in different ways.

There is a moment where you need to split one cell into a few cells into different columns but you want to merge them back. Or, you already get many cells you want to combine into a new one to make them easier to read, like a list of addresses.

Regardless of your purpose, merging cells can be done using simple formulae. You can combine cells with/without a separator, with numbers and/or text, or with line breaks to combine and put in a new line.

How to combine cells in Google Sheets with a separator

You can basically combine cells from any cells with or without a separator. Assuming you have two columns containing cities and postal codes and you want to combine them in a new column, you can use this formula:

=A2&”, “&B2

A2 is the first cell containing the city name, the comma is the separator, the empty space is needed to make the postal code more readable, and B2 is the first cell containing the first postal code.

The & symbol is used to combine the content of each cell which works for text and number. When you press Enter, you will instantly see the combined result.

how to combine cells in google sheets

You can also do the same with CONCATENATE function. The difference is that it uses the comma (just like other functions in Google Sheets to separate each argument) to combine each cell instead of the & symbol.


combine string in google sheets

How to combine cells without a separator

This method is simpler. To combine cells without a separator, you can use this formula in Google Sheets (based on the previous formula used to combine with a separator).


If you wish to add an empty space between the two cells, you can use this formula:

=A2&” “&B2

How to combine cells and put them in new lines

You can combine cells but instead of putting the cell in the same line, you can put each cell in a new line. This method can be useful to make the combined cell look more readable.

Use this simple formula (based on the previous method’s formula):


A2 is the first cell containing the city name, char(10) is the new line separator, and B2 is the first cell containing the postal code. You can combine them with the & symbol.

Press Enter, and you will see the result immediately like this:

combine as a new line in google sheets

You can obviously combine two cells from two columns more quickly with the autofill feature. Simply click the little square at the bottom-right of the cell, drag it to the bottom so you can merge cells until the last row using the same formula.

How to combine dates in Google Sheets

You can combine a cell containing text and a cell containing a date. You can do so by using a modified, similar formula you used in the previous method to combine cells from different columns.

Here’s the previous formula you use to merge cells:


Now, assuming the A2 is a date and B2 is just text, you need to convert the date value from A2 as text with the TEXT function, which contains A2 as the first argument and the date text format as the second argument.

=TEXT(A2,”mmmm dd, yyy”)

The formula above will convert the date to December 24, 2020. Now that you understand how to convert the date value as text, here’s the final formula to merge cells with a date in them:

=TEXT(A2,”mmmm dd, yyy”)&B2

Google Sheets has the functions to merge cells in almost any condition you have. You can combine cells with a date in them, a number, or ordinary text, from two columns or more.

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