How to Compress Images in Microsoft Word

microsoft word image

Microsoft Word allows you to reduce the image size and edit it pretty easily. You can compress images or pictures in Microsoft Word in just a few clicks. Here’s how.

Compressing images works by reducing the image file size without reducing the quality. You don’t have to upload and compress your high resolution, HD pictures using third-party tools only to insert them to Microsoft Word.

How to Compress Images in Microsoft Word

Keep in mind that compressing images can be done in the desktop version of Microsoft Office apps. Yes, you can also do this on PowerPoint, but we only cover the method on Word here.

Open Microsoft Word. Insert the image you want to compress. Now go to Picture Format tab. In Adjust, click Compress Pictures button.

how to compress image in microsoft word

Here, you can checkmark Apply only to this picture to make the options applied for this picture only. You can also change the image resolution here by choosing one on Resolution. Click OK to compress the picture.

compress image in microsoft word

Now, the image file size has been reduced without losing the image quality.

microsoft word image

Compressing images in Word can be done easily. You can also do that in PowerPoint.

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