How to Convert Excel to Google Sheets

Excel has its online app called Excel Online, but you may want to keep using Google Sheets to edit Excel files. Here’s how to convert Excel to Google Sheets.

excel in google sheets

Google Sheets and Microsoft Excel compete with each other while being unique from each other. Some people only use one of them, making it hard for other persons to open Excel files on Google Sheets. Here’s how to convert Excel to Google Sheets.

Google Sheets works only on your browser, while Microsoft Excel works as a standalone program (and also online if you wish).

When your Excel user friend sends you a spreadsheet in Excel files, you might get confused about how to open it without the Microsoft Excel app.

Well, this shouldn’t be a problem because you and anyone can use Excel Online for free. You can open an Excel spreadsheet without the Microsoft Excel app using Excel Online.

However, some people might really need to use Google Sheets to open and edit the spreadsheet, then save or export the spreadsheet file as another format.

Don’t worry, Google Sheets actually provide you a way to convert, upload, open, edit, and save Excel spreadsheet in Google Sheets.

How to convert Excel to Google Sheets

Microsoft Excel file’s format that can be opened in Google Sheets

Before doing this, you can make sure the Excel file format you have works with Google Sheets. Here are the formats:

  • .tsv
  • .tab
  • .xlt
  • .xls
  • .csv
  • .xlsx
  • .xlsm
  • .ods

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How to upload Excel files to Google Sheets

First, you need to upload the Excel file you would like to convert, open, edit, and save in Google Sheets to either Google Drive or Google Sheets directly. We’ll talk about both.

Uploading to Google Drive

Google Drive is a popular cloud storage service that also allows you to open the file directly to other Google services, like Google Sheets.

To upload, open Google Drive and sign in with your account. Click New, then choose File Upload.

how to convert excel to google sheets

Then, choose which Excel file you want to upload. Click Open.

how to upload excel to google sheets

At the corner, you will see the upload progress. Once done, you can click on that progress to see the Excel file, but you will be seeing it on Google Drive first.

how to open excel in google sheets

When you see it, click Open with Google Sheets to open the Excel file on Google Sheets.

how to export excel to google sheets

It automatically converts Excel files to Google Sheets which can be viewed and edited — but you’ll be able to save the file online as Google Sheets shareable document.

Now, the Excel file has been converted and opened in Google Sheets.

excel in google sheets

How to upload Excel files directly to Google Sheets

You can also upload and open Excel files directly to Google Sheets. Simply open Google Sheets, then sign in with your account.

Now, simply click the folder icon button that says “Open file picker”. That’s the button that allows you to gather the spreadsheet files you want to edit in Google Sheets.

open file picker google sheets

Now, simply click the Upload tab, then click Select a file from your device.

upload excel files directly to google sheets

Choose which files you want to convert, open, edit, save using Google Sheets.

How to save Excel as Google Sheets

If you already uploaded the Excel file to Google Sheets, you can save the Excel file as Google Sheets, and you can share the spreadsheet with others to collaborate just like Google Docs.

To do that, simply click the File tab. Then choose Save as Google Sheets.

However, you may want to save the Excel file as another format you can save yourself on your computer. You can do that by using the export method.

How to export a Google Sheets spreadsheet into Excel or other formats

You can retrieve a Google Sheets spreadsheet back as an Excel spreadsheet or other formats at any time. Simply click the File, then choose Download. Choose which file you want to export as.

export excel to google sheets

You can choose between:

  • Microsoft Excel (.xlsx)
  • OpenDocument format (.ods)
  • PDF document (.pdf)
  • Web page (.html, zipped)
  • and more like CSV, TSV

Microsoft Excel, while providing its online app, you may want to keep using Google Sheet to open and edit your Excel file. Once you convert an Excel file into Google Sheets, you can do anything you want including collaborating with others to edit the same files.

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