How to Copy a Trello Board

Find it difficult to make a board that contains similar content from previous ones? Here’s how to copy a Trello board quickly on the web and app.

naming the board

Trello provides boards to easily manage your project, but there is a time when you need to duplicate the board. Here’s how to copy a Trello board easily.

Copying a Trello board is useful to quickly make the same board quickly without having to do it manually from scratch. Better yet, you can also customize the visibility, the name, the team, and whether you want to keep cards.

You can do this both on the Trello website or the smartphone app, which you can get for Android and iPhone.

How to copy a Trello board (web)

To do this, simply open the board you want to copy. Click Show Menu to open the menu which contains the copy button.

how to copy a trello board

Once the menu shows, click More to show more options.

more button

Here, click Copy board to finally duplicate the board.

copy board button in trello

Here, enter the board title, which team it would belong to, the visibility (click Change to switch), and whether you want to keep cards and/or template cards. Click Create to copy the Trello board.

create a copy of a board in trello

How to duplicate a Trello board on the smartphone app (Android & iPhone)

To do it, simply open the Trello app.

Download Trello on Play Store

Download Trello on App Store

Here, simply select which board you want to copy by tap-long on it.

copy board in trello mobile app

Then, select Copy board to duplicate the board.

copy board button

Here, enter the board name, the team, whether you want to keep cards, and more. To copy the board, simply click the checkmark button at the top-right.

naming the board

Trello makes it easy for you to duplicate boards. There’s no need to create a board with the same content from scratch.

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