How to Count Checkboxes in Google Sheets

Checkboxes are great for checklists, and you might want to know how many of them are checked. Here’s how to count checkboxes in Google Sheets.

how to count checkboxes in google sheets

Google Sheets made it easy for you to add checkboxes, and you can also gather data on how many checkboxes are checked or unchecked in your spreadsheets. Here’s how to count checkboxes in Google Sheets with a simple formula.

Counting checkboxes in Google Sheets

Counting checkboxes are sometimes important to add to your spreadsheet so you can know how many things you’ve done or still in progress, or other usages that may require you to know how many checkboxes are checked or unchecked.

Adding the checkboxes is easy, but counting them maybe a little difficult for those who aren’t familiar with the Google Sheets or Microsoft Excel formula. But using this function will also help you gather more data in a more advanced way, other than just counting checkboxes.

How to count checkboxes in Google Sheets with this function

Simply prepare your Google Sheets spreadsheet, and select which cell that will contain the number of total checked/unchecked checkboxes based on the range of checkboxes columns’ values.

This is the function you use:


The range is basically the checkboxes’ column, and the criteria are simply true or false values. True means the checkbox is checked, and false means the checkbox is unchecked.

google sheets countif formula

Now, type = then follow it with the function. Select the column where the checkboxes belong as the range. Choose whether you want to count only the checked (choose true) or unchecked (choose false) checkboxes.

counting how many checkboxes are checked or unchecked

Press enter to get the result. You can also easily change the formula in the formula bar at any time to gather different results, copy the cell, and more.

google sheets spreadsheets

That’s it. The result is showing on the cell where you put the formula in. In this example, it is showing how many checkboxes are checked.

counting the number of unchecked checkboxes

To show how many checkboxes are unchecked, you can change the criteria to false.

google sheets

It is now showing the result of the total number of unchecked checkboxes.

google sheets formula results

Counting checkboxes on Google Sheets mobile app

If you love working on the mobile app of Google Sheets, you can still do the same method. But you’d have to do it on the formula bar directly to make the process a lot easier.

Open the Google Sheets app. Tap the cell where you want to put the counting value. Start typing the formula.

count checkboxes on mobile

You can select the function above the formula bar to directly select the range.

countif on google sheets

The range is selected.

selecting range

Now, put the criteria depending on what result you want to show.

putting the criteria

Select the checkmark button to save the formula.

the result

Checkboxes are important to create a checklist, to-do list, and other stuff that can be changed in real-time, especially with the help of Google Sheets that allows you to collaborate with others.

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